Sunday, March 15, 2009


photo by Dean Swope


Your horoscope - Week of March 16, 2009

Your mission seems to be related to your current financial situation. You want to get ahead, and Mars in Pisces is helping you envision a much better financial situation than the one you have right now. But you need to give yourself some guidelines and a sound budget that you'll stick to. Otherwise, you may end up not doing anything that will really make a difference. The Sun moves into Aries on Friday, which is great for giving you an additional burst of positive energy. You can achieve whatever you set your mind to. Be bold!

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It's been a nice Sunday so far. Bill and I stayed in bed a little longer, just laughing and fooling around. Eventually we had to get up because Lola needed out and we knew there would be a chance he'd get called in, which he was.

He's got to deliver a bin out west then swing east to pick up a light tower. Hopefully the roads are good this afternoon because the trees are pretty frosty today! I think he'll be gone for most of the day, which means I may drive out to the farm with the kids, because we haven't seen my mom for a few weeks.

My horoscope is pretty accurate today, at least in terms of my interview this coming Friday. My decision to go back to retail management was a tough one to make, and I was really hoping I'd never have to do it. On the other hand, being able to pay all bills as well as save money for retirement is a powerful thing, even though I am really going to miss my colleagues and my office.

What are you making for supper? I dunno what to take out.


  1. quote: "...just laughing and fooling around:" aha, ok... *wink*

    Having a regular paycheck would be good... I hope you get the job!

    Supper? I just ate a hamburger I made, left over from lunch (which is dinner time here). I had made 3, 2 for lunch with potatoes and the left over one now for evening dinner. Being single, cooking just for me is no fun.....

  2. I just made tofu, caulifower & broccoli for dinner, nothing exciting, but tonight I'm having some sort of wrap. I'm very low on groceries until tomorrow.

  3. Hope you enjoy your day out. I made a pot roast for lunch, steamed asparagus, honey digon fingerling potatoes. With that (what little is left over), we will be eating left overs tonight.

  4. When I don't know what to do with dinner I call for a group effort, sometimes the most fun is had in the whole family throwing something simple together.

  5. I like the horoscope...I'm Aquarius too!