Tuesday, March 3, 2009

random tuesday

I got this picture of Tokyo yesterday after putting my clean PJ bottoms away. It's on the fourth shelf in my linen closet. I wonder what it is about laundry that cats love? I used to think it was the warmth, but these didn't have any of the dryer warmth left. Maybe it's the fabric softener?

Bill and I watched the news last night and saw all the stock markets drop even further. I have to say, it's scary! People say our city isn't ruled by the price of oil but that's incorrect. No one is hiring right now and probably won't be for awhile, and I am getting closer to accepting a low level, worker bee position just for the next year. I don't know how much that would ruin my career in finance, but you have to do what you have to do.

At any rate, I hope everyone else is doing okay. Happy Tuesday.


  1. At the moment I think people are trying to take any job due to the current climate just as long as it pays!

    My cat was doing suicide jumps of the wardrobe onto our bed last night...while I was still in it!

  2. it's crazy everywhere!

    Oh, my Shila just LOVES to get on piles of clothes, whether clean or dirty, it doesn't matter.

  3. Spooky is right.

    We have to talk via voice one of these days.


  4. I have my fingers crossed for you. Maggs

  5. I'm in the same industry as you in the home office aspect - we support financial advisors. We just had this very conversation at lunch.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. People do often say that my husband resembles Ray Liota. That's too funny!

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  7. I was looking over some numbers this morning and the wife's trust fund has lost roughly 40 percent of its worth in the last few months.

    Personally, I think we're headed for something just short of this side of a depression. However, I'm not a stock market guy or an economist, so don't pay any attention to me. That's just my opinion.

    I think we should all get together and start our own non-religious cult/community. Pool our talents and resources and setup a groovy little commune. We can even Zombify it!!

    Of course, you ladies will have to be willing to make certain sacrifices for the long-term survival of the community. Therefore, the men must be allowed no less than say, 5 female lovers/partners. Yes, I think that would work nicely. LOL And, since this is my idea, I get to choose my partners first! ô¿ô

  8. I see cracks big ones coming. I just hope that most of us can keep from falling into them.

  9. The cat is a cute little rooster

  10. Well, lets see, clean, fluffed, folded, not shed on yet. Sounds like the purrrfect place for kitty to nap!

  11. you know me...love the cat photo. And given the choice, if we could wouldn't we snuggle in some fresh laundry pile...

  12. Mr-stu, thank god our kitty doesn't do that. She'd leave hair everywhere!

    Roz - so true!
    Kim - nice to meet you!
    Bobby - we should! I'd love to hear your accent.
    Tim - five?! I don't share.