Thursday, March 26, 2009

stories from yesterday

story written for Bill on October 19, 2004
**a little explicit**

the coffee bar

She walked into the coffee bar absent mindedly, and moved to the right to join the shortest line. It had been a long day, and the thought of a 5 minute wait made her sigh and wiggle her shoulders in an effort to loosen up. Glancing around at nothing in particular, she noticed that there were two new counter people, rushing around to find things. A batch of muffins in the small commercial oven and a pot of decaf brewing made the air heavy and sweet.

Ahead of her, a small woman wearing jeans and a hairclip was picking out a dozen doughnuts, so she continued to glance around at the people in line. There were 3 or 4 teenagers finding enough money for icecaps and a man that looked like a truckdriver. When the door opened, a man walked in wearing dark blue fatigues and a nylon jacket. He was about her height, with startling green eyes and very short blonde hair. He moved with deliberate ease, stopping behind the truckdriver and pushing one hand into his pants pocket. Curiously, she watched as he pulled out a $20 bill, and glanced around to size up the wait. For a second, he looked directly into her eyes, and she felt a quiet heat rise up her chest. The line moved forward, so she shifted and continued to peruse him, from the black boots and following the curve of his legs up to his ass. There was an EMS embroidered on the sleeve of his jacket, so she assumed he worked for the city.

After ordering coffee and sandwiches, she stepped off to the side and thoughts of the man's eyes drifted through her mind. She wondered what would happen if she just stepped back towards him and ran her hands over his butt, and suppressed a low laugh at the thought. What if he led her outside, and leaned her against the building? She could imagine those hands on either side of her head, his face leaning in close to her. His breath on her cheek, and down her neck. She could see him dipping down to look at her, before gently pressing his soft mouth against her bottom lip. She'd press back - tentatively at first but soon deepening it until his tongue pushed into her mouth. Heat would explode in her belly, making her shiver suddenly, nipples curling up and pressing into his warm nylon jacket.

One of his hands would come down and curl around the side of her neck, pulling her in closer to him and pressing her closer to the wall. His thigh would push between hers, making them fit together and she'd run her hands down the front of his chest, then pushing beneath his jacket and across his back. Heat from his skin would make her moan, and he'd lift his head to look at her before bringing the tip of his tongue over her top lip.

Sighing, she turned to see that her food was ready, but the man with the eyes hadn't ordered yet. Not ready to leave, she moved over to the tables, and slid onto a chair to continue watching him. She pulled the lid off her coffee, and sipped while she pondered him naked. His shoulders looked wide, and she wondered what they'd feel like under her hands. She pictured him stripping off his shirt, and maneuvering himself over her. She'd want to taste every bit of his chest, and lick her way down his belly and up those strong thighs. She imagined the feel of hot skin and soft hair on her face, and she closed her eyes involuntary against the rush. When she re-opened them, he was handing the cashier money. He spoke quietly as he shoved his change back into his pocket, and moved around the people behind him toward the door. He looked directly at her, and instead of glancing away, held her gaze for a full five seconds before smiling and pushing through the door. Sighing, she picked up the lid off the table, and started putting it back on her coffee. A shadow moved across her peripheral vision, and she looked up to see him sliding in across from her.

"Hi," he said softly. "I'm Bill. And you are?"

"Yours," said Kate. "Would you like to sit down?"


  1. I never have those kinds of thoughts when I'm in a Tim's...
    Well done, Kate.

  2. Kate---that's my name. Please don't do this again...:-)

  3. you're a very good storyteller. have you ever thought of writing a novel?

  4. Nothing left to the imagination here.....

  5. Great story Kate. Exhilarating.

  6. Ps check out my latest post. I have shared a sisterhood award with you.

  7. I really enjoy your writing style. Good story! :)

  8. Doug - never?!

    jj - I had no idea. Bill is nice name.

    Thanks, Plaridel. I have thought of it, but there are so many better than I.

    Thanks Breath-e!

    Ben - I try to be descriptive...

    Lou, thanks so much! I really appreciate it!