Friday, August 24, 2012

checking in

Bill and I recently went camping in the Rocky Mountains and spent the day at Crescent Falls, near Abraham Lake. I love this area! How was your summer? It's been interesting here. In early July I was laid off due to shortage of work, but was grateful that I didn't have too much of an interruption of unemployment benefits! I've also been grateful for the time off so that we could help Jamie move (80 miles to the south) I could learn how to grow vegetables (corn, peas, peppers and onions) and I can get the house ready for Bethany. Beth is Bill's oldest daughter, she's eighteen. He'd been estranged from her for fourteen years, but last fall she searched for & found him. Over the last few months we've been developing a relationship with her, and in a few days she'll be moving in! The timing for this is great! Jamie's moving has opened up the basement, which has a large bedroom, laundry room, living space and bathroom. Emily (who is 15 now) will be moving downstairs and sharing a room with Beth. Although Beth graduated from high school this past June, she'll be attending Em's high school to upgrade her classes before heading off to college. She may only live with us for six or seven months, but we think it'll be a good opportunity for us all to bond. Bill should be home soon, so I'm off to see who is still blogging. Happy Friday!