Saturday, May 8, 2010

she's officially a teen

Today is Emily's thirteenth birthday!

I can hardly believe that she was as small as she was when I first met her. Now she is almost 5'6" with a love for tank tops and sneakers, skateboards, curling irons and flat irons and high end phones (Jamie turned her into a phone snob by giving Em her Blackberry when she got a new one) Things have definitely changed!

The first time I met Em, it was two weeks after her seventh birthday. She was a tiny little thing with chipmunk cheeks. She was just finishing up grade one and still carried around her favourite stuffed animals, (which she called stuffties) and she fell in love with Jamie immediately. I think she loved how punky/emo/unusual she was with the spiky, dyed hair and funky clothes.

Now, Em is the one experimenting with all the different looks and Jamie is settling into adulthood. It's been an interesting few years, to say the least.

Happy Birthday Em! We love you and wouldn't change a thing, even if we could.

PS: If you have a Wordpress blog (Wildstorm and Burstmode come to mind) please know I am reading your blogs and LOVE your recent pics. For some reason, my laptop won't allow me to add my info to comment, and I will have to do that next time I am on the desktop)