Wednesday, March 18, 2009

more green for your viewing pleasure

photo by Bill Jobling
taken beside a river in Scotland

I spoke to one of my favourite insurance advisors yesterday, and he's going to give me a few of his sales to help fund my last month at the office. I didn't realize before, that the rules are very similar to that of renting an apartment - you need to give 30 days notice or pay up.

In return, I'll place my insurance business with him as well as my retirement savings, and send leads his way. He's a good guy.

Since my last appointment blew me off, I've accepted a short shift at the clothing store today. I know that I will miss this job as well - in particular, the 50% discount! The girls have all treated me well there.

After all this, I keep thinking I'd better get a job offer, but I doubt they'd bring me down to Calgary without an offer in mind.

I'd better hurry. Happy Humpday!


  1. Good luck on the job search.

  2. good luck! I hope things really work out for you!

  3. holy mackeral!!! "down" to Calgary???? where are you? the North Pole???

    well wishes to you, kiddo!!

  4. gosh kate, what did i miss?...good luck with the job search! good things will come your way! xox

  5. Still have everything crossed that the job search goes well, but I hope it comes soon as some things are not meant to be crossed!

  6. I too have fingers and toesies crossed and know it will all work well for you. Maggs

  7. Lets us know if they give you an offer you can't refuse.

  8. Yah - I'm certain that they must have something for you to make you travel to Calgary - hope it is the management spot!

  9. Sounds like a good guy your colleague, that's good of him to help you through the transition. You have a great Wednesday, while it's nearly half way through Thursday here now. I'm so lucky I was born in NZ as my competitive nature would be screwed if I didn't live in the place that was first to see every new day - actually that's a post idea I might use :-)

  10. Good luck, Kate. Wish you the best and know you'll get it too.

    Just popped in to say hi and sign up for your blog. Have missed reading you the last few days.

    Thinking good and positive thoughts for you. :)