Saturday, March 7, 2009


I worked at the clothing store today, while Bill got our taxes done for 2007 and 2008. Two personal returns and two business returns cost a little over $500 to have done, but I think we'll be able to utilize the cash-back feature they offer for the personal returns. Hopefully we get the money on Monday, which means I'll be able to pay a few bills. God that'll be so nice!
Here's the poll results:

Do you play an instrument?

guitar - 3 (9%)

piano - 5 (16%)

drums - 4 (12%)

clarinet - 1 (3%)

other - 8 (25%)

I can't say, it's kind of dirty - 10 (32%)

Personally, I don't play any instrument have always admired those that play piano.
I didn't realize that I hadn't put "no" as an option, but by that time I figured you all had two other ways to go instead. It didn't surprise me that 32% voted for the last one, lol.
New poll will be up soon. Have a good night!


  1. I see the next poll relates more closely to playing the skin flute. I look forward to the results

  2. About the new poll. There isn't an answer I can check.

    The wife doesn't like oral given and won't give it.

    And, in all my life, I've never once had oral. Ever.

    I've given, but never received.

    Last time I gave was, 26 years ago. I wonder if I've lost my touch? LOL

    Oh gosh, I guess that makes me an oral virgin! They should make a romantic comedy about me. Haa!!

  3. I have a cape and they call me "Captain Cunnilingus".

  4. have voted but I am NOT saying... *angelic smile*

  5. Don't you just hate the tax man, over here he comes and never gives anything back, it's like getting blood out of a stone!

  6. I voted but it is a secret ;-)

  7. Funny how all men are "king of oral". We are a confident bunch.

  8. Kona - I was wondering about that too, because when I was still dating every man told me he was the king of oral.

    jj - I tried to put the word "sex" into it, and it was deleted immediately! I guess because I don't have an "adult" rated blog.