Thursday, March 5, 2009

more randomosity

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  • Since about eleven p.m. last night, there have been raging winds and snow. Nothing like when I was a kid, but still a minor blizzard. Right now it's -11°C but feels like -26°C.
  • One of Emily's friends from school committed suicide by hanging Monday night. He was twelve years old, and his mother had committed suicide when he was six. He leaves behind a brother and a dad, and we've been praying for them all.
  • I did an interview for a recruiter yesterday morning and it went very well. They're looking for a large management team for a new H&M store and after half an hour he short-listed me. Unfortunately, I missed a call from their HR office last night, but will touch base with them on Monday. It looks like they want me for some kind of supervising role because they're looking for a manager who has had a team of 60. Wow! The biggest team I've ever had was 18. I'm excited about any new opportunity, but I've heard awesome things about H&M.
  • A recruiter from a high interest lender called me yesterday for a loans officer position but I disclosed a crappy credit rating, and that ended it. I don't mind - I would have hated working for someone that charges 30% interest.
  • A recruiter looking to fill a Fashion Retailer Management spot emailed me for more information on my merchandising experience, and I hope he calls me for an interview.
  • Even though I'm looking for other work, I'm still prospecting. I sold some health insurance on Monday and hope to do two life insurance sales this afternoon. You know, I am really going to miss this job. I do love what I do, but there are just too many people who ruin it for everyone else.

Hope you all have a nice Thursday!


  1. You can still do insurance as a general agent if you leave your company and find other work.

    It may make the extra gravy you need without all the stress of living on a commission only paycheck.

  2. Work sucks. It would be nice to not have to be troubled with such things, no?

    Good luck to you.

  3. Sounds like things are moving along. I hope you find the job that suits you and your needs.

  4. that's really sad about the boy. will pray for his dad, brother, and classmates. i hope they're bringing in counselors for his classmates!

    well, we have about 6-8 inches of that white s*** too. i'm just happy with the thought that it's spring time and in a month i will be doing yardwork again:)
    glad that you've got some good job prospects going for you. doesn't sound like you will have to smell like french fries....

  5. Good luck, are doing it right.

  6. That is tragic about Emily's class mate. How can things be that bad for a child? I have tears running down my face as I type.

    Glad work looks on the up and up for you - it will all come right and as Bobby says you can still do the work if you can such satisfaction from it but whilst also getting a solid paycheck each week.

    Stay warm.

  7. I hope one job pans out for you.

    I wish we had snow it makes life a lot more exciting than just grey clouds all of the time!

  8. wow it sounds like great things are happening. I hope you are able to land the position with H and M. They have those here :)


  9. It sounds like you've got options. You liked doing retail, I hope they work out. :o)

  10. So sorry about Em's classmate - so tough for children to have to deal with -- OMG that poor father!!!

    Job outlook is definitely rosy - -is there anyway you can do the insurance gig part time?

  11. Bobby - I would like to do that and will look into it.

    Thanks everybody! I am really hoping for the H&M gig!

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  13. It does my head in hearing about another person taking their lives. For many reasons. If you are on friendly terms with the father and surviving child, don't be a stranger to them, they will need the support of people who care about them now.
    I probably don't have to say this, because I know you are a good mum, but sorry, can't help myself here. Keep an eye on Emily, please, suicide effects kids in a very profound and long lasting way when it touches their lives.

  14. No problem DD. My oldest and I took her to the mall last night and we talked quite a bit. Then when her dad got home too. We're watching.

  15. I wouldn't think a twelve year old would ever be that sad. That is really a disturbing thought.

    Good luck on the H&M gig, Kate.

  16. (((Emily)))

    I'm happy for you that there seem to be a number of good job prospects for you. And Bobby's suggestion is a great one, allowing you to continue doing something you enjoy and building-up your experience and client base.

  17. Doug - we're still shocked! Buy I understand his dad might have been neglectful or abusive. So sad.