Wednesday, March 25, 2009

an old favourite

One of my all time favourite movies is The Color Purple, with Danny Glover and Whoopi Goldberg. It came on TV late last night, and I stayed up to watch it while Bill slept beside me.

I have the novel in my office downtown, but haven't started to read it yet. To be honest, I never realized that the book is quite a bit different than the screenplay, particularly around two of my favourite characters, Albert and Shug. In the movie, I love to hate Albert when he's young and mean and taking a lesson from his own father, but I absolutely love it when he redeems himself by helping Nettie find her way back to Celie.

As for Shug, it seems unlikely that I'd like her at all. It's never really explained what her "sickness" is when Albert drags her home, but I've always thought it was booze and heroin, even though I'm not sure it was as prevalent in 1916, when Shug first arrives at Albert's house.

At any rate, I guess it's not just Shug that I like, but her entire story. Obviously, she was the black sheep of the family. The wayward daughter of the local preacher, she spends decades trying to prove to him that she's worthy of his love, but he won't have any of it until she realizes that he wants her to follow God. By the time she makes her Grand Gesture, belting out "God is Trying to Tell You Something" from Harpo's jukejoint to the little church just down the road, I'm pretty much in tears. It's even worse when the man actually hugs her, and she shows such palpable joy - I need a whole box of tissues just to get through it, lol. You can watch it here.

Today I'm thinking of going over to the retirement home where Bill used to work. Even though I'm still smarting over the rejection from H&M, I need to make some money while I'm regrouping and there might be something for me to do there. I'll be checking out the job boards too, but those listings are getting smaller and smaller every day, and the line ups at the food bank are getting longer and longer. I'd like to see my area put some money into infrastructure soon - our city has seen so much growth and the wear and tear is obvious. We need another school and another hospital, but that's another story altogether.

Happy Wednesday.


  1. Kate, that film sounds very interesting! I've never seen it, sad to say. Most films that even hint at being chick flicks don't garner a second glance from me. I have, of course, heard of the film, but as I say, it smacks of ESTROGEN!! Ewwww!! LOL

    When I tear up watching a film, I want it to be because the hero died sacrificing himself for his buddies or to save the world. Or, in sports films where the little guy makes it and proves that hard work, guts and determination are all anyone needs to live their dream. (See the film, Rudy, as an example)

    Great post, Kate. You sure can write. I do love your blog.

    PS: Email me if you need anything. K? :)

  2. I remember the movie very well....

  3. I love that movie too Kate, but must watch again as it's been years.

  4. It has been years since I watched it also.

  5. I've only seen bits and pieces of that movie, Kate. Sounds like I should sit down and watch the whole thing.

  6. I haven't seen that movie.

    Good luck with the job hunting and prospecting. And have a great Thursday while you're at it, Kate!

  7. It's so difficult to keep a positive attitude when so much around us looks, sounds and smells discouraging. Meanwhile realize this: You are healthy. You will make it. You're not some cancer-ridden elderly woman who is wracked in pain because nobody can afford her health care. You and me? We don't have leprosy, ebola, or wretchedly foul-smelling breath to offend whomever we come in contact with. We have no gawd-forsaken limitation.

    Our only limitation is our way of thinking. Persistence will bring you everything you need, Kate. Maintain the faith.

  8. Thanks evrybody.
    ST - I'm not feeling sorry for myself and believe me - I am thankful for the life I lead, every day. However, I am human and I do feel disappointment.

  9. I love that movie! It's one of my favorites too.

    Hope you have a great day! I'm slowly but surely trying to get everyone added to my new spaces so that I can keep up easier, and when I logged in here, it said I'm not following anyone.. which I am.. arghhh *hugs*