Tuesday, March 24, 2009

spot the differences

Wouldn't it be nice if we could photoshop our own pics? I would look so much younger, and so much thinner!

swiped from Dlisted:Be very afraid!


  1. I'd rather just be younger and thinner :-) but failing that nice pics would be good.

  2. That is amazing what a difference it makes. I've heard they do this, but I didn't realize how much it can change a person. It is almost dishonest in a way.

  3. If they load one of my pix into a photoshop program, the program and the computer will explode, like a Poodle in a microwave. Boom-Splat!

  4. Didnt they do this with Katie Courick and the news? I guess image is everything

  5. I need to find this program!

  6. when i was a graphic artist, this was one of the things I had to do-- it IS amazing how much re-touching is done and we typically don't realize it.... Hope you're doin good--- hugs!

  7. gee...can't get my eyes to focus on the changes made!!! but if i were to guess, i'd say that gal's waist was smaller. ...which in turn makes her look more like Dolly Parton.

  8. I've noticed:

    1. hairline
    2. sleeve
    3. arm
    4. waist
    5. skin colour on legs
    6. thigh
    7. little fat on hip bone removed

    I should have had my professional pic done, lol

  9. Hey Kate, hows things..?

    they have done several things other than the ones you have noted.

    Corrected the exposure of the image

    cloned out the winkles in the outfit, to make it look smooth

    Reshaped the lower setion of the garment to be more rounded

    Smoothed the ladies skin to give the porclein look

    Slimmed both legs to make them look longer

    Lenghtened the neck

    Extended the highlights up the left (as viewed) side of her body, it has the effect of drawing the eye across and up the image to her face

    Is this sort of manipulation acceptable, well it depends on the usage, Glamour it is generally accepted that there is much touching up often more than the image above. Good portraits, minor touching up, removing the odd blemish, stray hair that sort of thing is ok. Documentry/press images, other than correcting exposure and light temperature should not be manipulated at all..