Thursday, March 26, 2009

sentimental commodities

A few weeks ago, I was going through my jewelry, looking for a pair of gold hoops to wear to one of my job interviews. I've kept every pair that Dale ever gave me, even if one of them was lost. I also had several rings that were channel set with little diamonds, as well as a pair of channel set earrings.

I pawned most of them that week,(including my half carat diamond engagement ring from Dale)taking away almost three hundred dollars and allowing me to fill the truck with fuel, buy groceries, and generally get us through until our mid-month pay came through.

I don't recommend this at all.

The interest charges on that was $170, which I had to pay in order to get them back. From there I took the smaller rings to the gold dealer, who paid me $100 cash.

Yesterday, when it looked like Bill's boss wasn't going to pay his expenses for a few more days, I sorted through the rest, and set aside all the single hoops as well as a broken puzzle ring that I used to wear on my right index finger.

I took Dale's wedding band, too.

I kept thinking, it's only gold, gold is a commodity. Don't think about the ceremony, under the shade of that tree in the park. Don't think about the hope you had! Don't picture that ring on his finger as he was dying. It was so big on him then!

I closed my eyes and added it to the rest.

The kids and I walked into the shop. Em took a seat at the table nearby, Jamie came up to the counter. I emptied the little snack bag onto the counter with a metallic clink and picked out Dale's ring. Jamie's eyes widened a bit, and I asked, "will I regret it?" She nodded. "Don't do it, Mum."

I slipped his ring in behind Bill's and sold the rest.


  1. Sorry times are hard and I hope your fortunes change around real soon :-)

  2. Kate, ((hugs)) and I hope things will turn around for you.

  3. Pawned and/or sold things a long time ago to pay bills. We never got any of it back. I hope you and Bill are only a day or two from positive change, Kate.

  4. Oh Kate, I am hopeful things will improve soon!

  5. have you looked into the possibility of making money out of this blog by putting ads? just a thought. every little bit helps.

  6. As hard as things are I think it was a good thing you reconsidered pawning the ring. Yes, it's only a gold ring but too much is attached to it. And I hope things get better for you and your family.