Sunday, February 1, 2009

older and wiser

I took this pic last night after cutting my own bangs. Actually, it turned out pretty good! For the last two months I either couldn't afford the $40 haircut or else my stylist was off because her dad passed away, and we share the share the same birthday so she was off yesterday and today. I decided to take matters into my own hands and used a pair of clippers. which gave me a pretty straight line. And I couldn't help but think of that Nissan commercial from last year.

Neighbour: Wow, you got a Nissan Sentra. I've heard they're cheap!

Sentra Owner: (stares) You cut your own hair. THAT is cheap. (camera pans to neighbour's crooked hair line)

Neighbour: (speechless)

LOL. Yes, this year I am definitely cheap, but it won't last for forever.

Another thing I always notice is that I cannot smile. I might have been a little sad last night because Bill couldn't come home, but overall I was in a good mood. There were a few shots where I was smirking a little more, but this one turned out the best for angle. I kept looking at this pic and thinking, did I ever wonder what I'd look like in middle age? I kind of like how much thinner my face is as I age, and I'm okay with the few grays that I've found, even though they're multiplying. The only things I don't like are that my lips get thinner and my nose gets wider every single year. At least my eyes don't change much.

Jamie and Kyle update

Thanks for everyone's opinions! Jamie was speaking to me about it yesterday afternoon because she was a little upset from the night before. Then last night he made an attempt to go home early which prompted a bit of a fight, but he came back and they talked more. She's not going to focus on his mom, but rather his commitment to spend time with her, and I think that's a good start.

We're off to Tim Horton's for coffee, then I'll come back to read everyone. Have a good Sunday!


  1. I often cut my bangs myself. If you get the proper kind of scissors it works well.

    Jamie and Kyle sound like two very sensible young people!

    Hope your day went well!

  2. Hi Kate! First of all....a belated "VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" to you! I read your birthday entry. Nice gifts. :)

    You still are young,and you still look young, too!

    I most always cut my own hair and if I mess up on the back area (which happens) then I go get it fixed at the salon. I went to Aveda that's a few blocks away from my home, the last time.

    Have a good Sunday :)


  3. When I had bangs, I used to cut them myself. Unfortunately, my daughter, who was about 6 at the time decided to cut HER own bangs one afternoon when she was with her dad. It was a very, um, "interesting" look!

  4. nice job, Kate. another talent surfaces. the fact that it didn't cost a thing makes it all the better.

    happy belated natal day! you're just two weeks after mine.

    Snatch JOY!



  5. I came to your blog by way of moanermoanerplicity. I liked reading your first page (belated happy b'day and what sweet gifts you got). I will return and follow you some have a wise way about you.

    Teri and the cats of Furrydance

  6. good job with the bangs, and i hope you have a good night,and as for jamie, she needs to not rely on him to make her happy, and he needs to not be a slave to his mother! good luck!

  7. I cut my own hair all the time (purely because I hate making hair appointments and then feeling obligated to keep them). Hate schedules.

    You look great!

  8. Many times I have cut my bangs. Yours look great. Have a fabulous Monday.

  9. You shouldn't pay $40 for that if you can do it yourself so well! That's not cheap, it's sensible!

    I have to get myself a pair of scissors and start doing that now.

    I wouldn't feel comfortable about focusing on Kyle's commitment to Jamie because it may generate strain for him: he'd feel like she's effectively asking him to choose between the two women who are important to him. He won't be able to do that and the resulting strain can hurt him when what he needs is strength to gain some independence. Perhaps a more understanding less guilt-inducing tack of "you can go but think about all that you're missing out on, and will continue to miss out on until things change" would be a safer way to phrase it. Fortunately, I am no relationship counselor so my advice can be safely disregarded.

  10. Happy Birthday Kate!!!

    The bangs looks great! If I could cut my own hair that well I wouldn't go to a stylist at all.

    As for Jamie and Kyle, I don't really have any constructive advice. the situation sounds odd and kind of scary (if understandable); almost as if the mom has replaced her husband with her son. I'll agree that counselling is probably the only way to cut those particular ties. Best of luck!