Saturday, February 28, 2009

to the polls

My favourite style of panties is a microfibre boy short, shown here in black. Obviously, this is not me, but a model. In the past I have come to appreciate thongs, but unless they're the G-string type I won't wear them. I also love cotton boyshorts, but not under jeans or skirts. They're only good with PJ's.
I love getting new undies ♥

My new poll is up, but only for a few days. Here's the results of the last poll:

How many years have you been blogging?

1 year or less - 12 (15%)
2 years - 7 (8%)
3 years - 14 (17%)
4 years - 20 (25%)
5 years or more - 26 (32%)

So the majority of my readers were quite experienced! Have a good Saturday.


  1. Interesting thoughts. To each, his own. With the new survey, I play more thsn one instrument. Maggs.

  2. I'm a cotton brief girl myself.

    Most people who visit your blog (and voted) have been blogging for absolute years. I am a very late starter into this world but I'm glad I made the move - I've met the most interestng people!

  3. I enjoy wearing men’s underwear too. Not that I usually like to admit to it of course.

  4. I hate thongs! I like bikinis. Silky and soft. The prettier the better. I love getting new ones too. It's my favorite thing. Well, almost... ha!

  5. God I love your posts...bras...panties...what's next?

  6. All I know is that my favorite women's undies to look at in the catalogs are the French-Cut type. I think that's what they're called anyway?

    And, I agree with, jadedj. I do love your posts, Kate. Carry on!

  7. I have some of this style, but they still ride up my crevice...a friend told me to try men's briefs...that is my next step...bold, aren't I, teehee

  8. That's funny: your poll doesn't include a simple "No."

  9. I must agree with ^. I can't play any instrument.

    But, I'm a boxer short kind of a guy

  10. Lerm, boxer shorts for women? Would that be another name for the type that Kate has pictured above? If so, yeah, I can dig it.

    Actually, the only type of panties I don't like on women is what I call, granny panties. Which happens to be the only type my wife wears. She says they're comfortable. Okay, fine, comfort is important, but they're not feminine and they're sooo not sexy. *sigh* I suppose if I were in love it wouldn't matter what kind she wore though. I guess I'll just have to go on admiring you more feminine ladies from afar...

  11. I've never tried them, but I've contemplated on buying a pair. Maybe I should try them. They do look very comfy!

  12. I finally discovered my favorite panties ever. They're made by 'Flirtitude' and are called a boy short, but aren't as wide on the hip as the ones pictured above. These don't bunch, ride, or show panty lines. I found them at JCPenney.

  13. Flirtitude, now that's an awesome name for panties! Right on, MM! :)

  14. Maggie - you should write about what you play. I don't play any!

    Lou - I bought some of those yesterday, to wear with a light nighty.

    Jadedj - I am not sure. I like being open minded, though.

    Tim - I like those but they tend to leave lines, so they're only good for wearing at home.
    Most women have some granny panties, but not as the only style they'll ever wear.

    Teri - I think you need something with a wider gusset. Some boy shorts have narrow ones and it's the narrow ones that ride.

    Noc - I missed no but didn't want to change it because someone had voted already. Also, "other" or "I can't say" can be used as default, lol.

    Lerm - love a nice pair of boxers.

    Wiz - they're very comfy! And I hate bulky fullbacks under jeans, but these are lightweight and feel good under jeans.

    MM - Those sound perfect! I have a short hip so I can wear a lower rise panty.

  15. I LOVE the boyshorts!!! my man digs them!

  16. hmmmm:)

    you sure have interesting posts! still remembering the "camel toe" shoes.

  17. snowangel - they're the perfect panty for form and sexiness

    Thanks Ramsey!

  18. Kate, Thanks for the gusset tip...and yes, I think boyshorts are the perfect blend of old school (ie: pinup) sexy and comfort...

  19. I love those drawers! Super cute! I really like the boy shorts, and thongs are great too at certain times. Nothing compares to buying new drawers, you just feel sexier when you have on a cute pair of drawers! :-)

    Looking at these it kinda makes me wonder if we are reverting back to the days of more coverage. Either way, I just wear what I like. ;-)

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