Monday, February 16, 2009

little monsters

photo by Richard Seaman

Keeping in Touch recently wrote that she saved a frog, and it made me think of my childhood, spent on the Sunshine Coast in beautiful British Columbia. I really miss living there, most days.

When I was three or four years old, my dad bought forty acres of land in Sechelt, about a quarter mile from the Pacific Ocean. I loved riding my bike down to the beach, or exploring the creek beds and paths through the thick rainforest. If I think hard enough, I can even see the cat 'o nine tails and smell the skunk cabbage.

When Jamie was little, it was one of my regrets that she played in an alley, or beneath the upstairs neighbour's balcony, because we lived in an apartment building downtown. She went to the school ground as well, but it's just not the same.

The frogs, snakes, butterflies, bees and salamanders were a big part of our childhood.


  1. Those are the best childhood memories. :-) I haven't seen a salamander is years, I always liked those best. Lol. We get lots of frogs still, which I just love. :-)

    My favorite was catching lightening bugs. :-)

  2. Skunk cabbage - now doesn;t even the words take me back?? Thank you for the memories.

  3. what would be life without happy memories?

  4. I liked catching lightening bugs too, and grasshoppers!

  5. CG - we didn't have lightening bugs! I heard about them, though.

    sioux - grasshoppers! Their back legs always freaked me out, too.

  6. We used to play in the ponds of water at that local flood control dam. We would catch frogs and tadpoles and bring them home. They would always escape, so it's lucky we kept them outside.

    Naturally, the tadpoles didn't escape until they grew their legs. :)