Thursday, February 5, 2009

righteous indignation

One thing that I've noticed since the age of thirty - you can be so broke that you cut your own hair and hand wash and press all your work clothes, but you will not give up on a face cream that promises to give you newer, younger looking skin. I bought this the other day and so far, I love it.

quick note: I don't do pay-per-posts, I just write about things I like.

Anyway, I ran out of my usual stuff and since it was $20 and this stuff was $11, I got the Olay. It really does make my skin look awesome - I use it under my foundation and my pores all but disappear. No wonder my mom used it when she was younger!

Do you have a cat? Jamie's kitty, Tokyo, is always "talking" to us, and even though we've all had many cats, none of us has had one that talks to this extent. She says hello, begs to go outside, asks for attention (a lot!) and gets pissy. Actually, I think this article calls it "righteous indignation" LOL. It's so true. I came across a few articles on how to teach your cat to say actual words, so maybe I can get everyone else in on that. It would be worth it just to see kitty say "hello" and freak out any future housegusts.


  1. can't speak to the Olay but my new cat does squeak at us often....

  2. I love the Olay products too, and have been using them since I found my first gray hair at age 28. :)

    Olay Total Effects are really good; dunno about the Regenerists products they make; I know Lunamor wasn't pleased with them so I may avoid those.

    I love it when my kitties big boy "squeaks"..we think he's got a lot of Maine Coon in him, he's got all of the personality characteristics of MCs.

  3. I use exactly the same product, inexpensive but effective

  4. My mum introduced me to THAT product or something from the Olay brand when I was 10 and I have used it ( through various package changes all my life. Small world really. Maggs

  5. OK, you knew some male jerk was going to say this...Olay just doesn't do a thing for me. Thank you very much.

    We have three cats. The talker, Pablo, follows us around talking. My wife, who has a penchant for languages, swears it's Swahili. I think that's ridiculous because he's half Siamese.

  6. If this stuff works for you then thats great. I would just pass on some advice a dermitologist gave me regarding these topical applications.

    The Australian Collage of Dermetologist asked whether expensive creams are better, they offer this cost-benefit analysis. “You might get a 90 per cent improvement with sorbolene cream and a 95 per cent improvement with something that costs 10 or 20 times as much.” That 5 per cent difference is probably not visible with the naked eye. Only 5 to 10 per cent of people have a naturally dry skin and really ‘need’ a moisturiser.

    IN Australia the consumer watchdog Choice had 800 people use 90 over-the-counter moisturisers given to them in unlabelled bottles. Plain, cheap chemists’ sorbolene cream, made from Vaseline, glycerine and water, rated as high or higher than the expensive stuff with designer names. (Sorbolene can be watered down if you find it not runny enough.)

    When Choice repeated the ‘blind’ test survey some years later, the best four included a Vitamin E cream from a supermarket chain at 0.84 cents per 100 grams, a face cream with elastin at $79.90 per 100 grams, a moisturiser from Australia that cost $21.58 per 100 grams and one from Holland at $59.90. The outright winner? The supermarket moisturiser. For more about why you shouldn’t waste money on over-priced cosmetics take a look at

    like I said if this works for you then thats what's important. But if the above cream is more expensive than a "Plain, cheap chemists’ sorbolene cream" then try it and see if its just as good.

  7. My Grandmother swore by her sorbolene - I can remember rubbing it into her legs when I was a kid

  8. Didn't need that visual, Lerm...

  9. I never thought I'd LIVE long enough to get old and look at me! My body just doesn't seem to want to die!

  10. I'm actually considering going to one of those mall department stores to talk to a consultant about men's skin care products. At 47 and with fair skin I think it might be time to indulge my own vanity a bit and see if I can improve the appearance of my skin.

    Perhaps it would be better to just have my brain transplanted into a younger, better looking body though? :o)

  11. I love Olay products!! I use their stuff once in a while, I don't have try skin much, but that stuff works wonders. :-)

    My cats like to talk too. They say "NO!" a lot. Lol.

  12. That face cream is supposed to be one of the best on the market. Good choice Kate!

    And Kitty Smalls always talks to us. We chirrups as a loving greeting and loud meows when she wants food. We also have "conversations" with her. It's very cute. She often calls out to us.

  13. I think I should have kept using it. I don't know much about cats. I am sure the birds do feel safer without one.

  14. Doanli - I dunno what Maine Coon is, but I'll google it!

    jj - it does sound a little like swahili!

    Barnesm - I swear by Vitamin E cream. I'm sure that's why I have very few wrinkles at my advanced age :)

    Lerm - dang, that's quite a visual image, lol

    Tim - absolutely! I took Bill for a steam & facial on our wedding anniversary, and he loved it! You can tell when a man takes care of his skin. Bill looked ten years younger afterward.

    CG - I think kitty says NO a lot too, lol

    Kimmy - I've heard good things about it and I'm glad it was half the cost!

    Roz - I would imagine that the birds would stage a coup if you got a cat, lol

  15. I've never tried that.I am so afraid to use most lotions on my skin because I get pimples so easy anymore.We had a cat that was just like that and it was so annoying.She didnt want to be inside the house either and always ran outside every chance she could.She ended up running off and never coming back.I sware she was part human.

  16. I LOVE Olay! The Definity line is pretty good too.
    I used to have a cat Molly who did that too. Which was a good thing because she had a tendency to watch you as you walk by, while she was walking directly in front of you! Without the chatting she would've gotten accidentally stepped on.