Wednesday, February 25, 2009

conversations with my mother

Three weeks ago at my Mom's house:

Mom: I think I am forgetting to give you something.
Me: I dunno.
thinking: My birthday present?
Mom: I think Steve has some trout for you.
Me: Okay, I'll, I think you and Jim gave us the trout last week. Don't worry, Mom. You'll remember half an hour after we leave. That's what happens to me.
Mom: **chuckles**

Last weekend:

Me: Hey, I like your new silver thingy.
Mom: Do you? Good! You can have it.
Me: Really?
Mom: Sure.
Me: Won't Jim get mad if you give it to me?
Mom: I think I bought it for your birthday and forgot to give it to you.
Me: Oh! Well, thank you very much. It'll go with my microwave.

I know she's eighty, but initially I was kind of sad that she'd forgotten my birthday. Turns out she was just a little behind, but still incredibly thoughtful.


  1. Awwww, she is very thoughtful still isn't she? I'm so glad you still get to spend time with your dear Mother. I know T's Grandma got really forgetful too but then she would be sharp as a tack and shock us all! I just love old people. They are awesome.

    Hope you are having an amazing week Kate!!

  2. Mum is in her 80's and has survived so much and is beginning to "forget" things too. Deays are not denials. How sweet and how wonderfully you handle her. Maggs

  3. Very cool! Got one in my kitchen too. :)

  4. Mother's are LIKE that. Yeah, they are! Well... the good ones are, because they never fail to show their love. Sometimes even in unexpected ways.




  5. Ahhhh. At least you GET presents that you like. Seriously -- I've been given things like a baggy pink sweatshirt that had mismatched green and red liquid embroidery glued all over it; hand-done so it was impossible to return it to the store the shirt came from).

    So sad to watch someone we love lose a little of their former self. I suppose that too has a lot to do with our attitude and how we want to look at things. Hmmmmmm.

  6. My Granma had dementia in her last years, it broke my heart watching her fade away, but her last gift to me was her then cyrstal clear memory of London in the Blitz and the Great Depression before that.
    Still I would have killed to have the Nana who would laugh the loudest of us all at the slightly dirty jokes dad would tell.

  7. interesting! my wife bought one of those "thingy's" last week and it's identical to that!!!

  8. Mom- i think is a place we go to deposit our worries, have her share our glories, place where we fight and find forgiveness (both ways)..

    as they grow older, we sort of "mom over them"- but that's real love in action.

    This picture reminds me of all the other household things my mom had given me in the past..

    Hope you had a wonderful b'day.

  9. I need some silver thingies in my kitchen, I think :-)

  10. awww what a sweet story:) *hugs*

  11. Awww, yes your Mom is still so thoughtful :) My Mom is 85 and she's been forgetting what she told me two sentences ago, sometimes. But still "thoughtful." :)

    Love the silver thingys! hugs

  12. This is such a neat and loving post. Thanks for sharing it