Monday, February 23, 2009

K is for Kate

Something similar going around Facebook! Jamie did one for herself the other day, and left the one for Kate in my documents because she thought it was so accurate.

Go to Urban Dictionary and search your first name. Post at least one of the search results.

Here's mine:


An easygoing, relaxed person who is the best friend anyone could ask for. Kates are often very random but are the most loyal people in the world. If ever something bothers you, Kate is the one to go to, as she will always have good advice and can make any situation less awkward by saying something totally random and usually sex-related. Her mind can be slightly sick but you love her for it.
Kates are genuinely lovely people who will always remain friends for life.


  1. That's cool Kate and sounds very accurate too :-)

    I'm off to Urban Dictionary...

  2. "Michael 340 up, 123 down
    This name has the meaning of one who is like god"

    There is some well researched stuff in the Urban Dictionary!

  3. Adam - A sex machine.
    Adam got laid at the beginning of time and still continues the tradition today.
    Adam defines sex. The first person to get laid and most likely the last. No one has been having sex longer.

    i think mine might be wrong

  4. Kate, please don't take this the wrong way, but your name is my favorite female name of all time. Well, actually, Katie. I love that name, for so many reasons.

    I wanted to name my daughter Katie, but the wife wouldn't stand for it. She has a sister named Catherine who goes by, Katie, and of course she can't stand her sister. So, we went with, Amber.

    Now, I'll go check the Urban Dictionary. But, I suspect that Tim or Timothy is going to mean shithead or asshole or fuck up though. lol

  5. Wow Kate!Thats sounds just like you! Expecially the random part! You alway say weird jokes o.O

  6. That sounds like it would be pretty accurate for you. You didn't say if it was - what do you think?

    I'll be going to check this out, it's interesting!

  7. how cool. It's kinda neat seeing what everyone's name says.
    I couldn't write some of mine of meanings down. yikes!

    Sarah 1958 up, 776 down

    The name "Sarah" is translated from the Hebrew language. It means "Princess"...and rightly so!

    The translation of "Sarah" is "princess"

    so everyone needs to start bowing down to me :)

  8. Lou - I thought it was pretty close, but also very flattering.

    Lerm - Indeed!

    Adam - you never know!

    Tim - I hope you post yours too

    Emily - random is big in our house! Love you.

    Alianna - sometimes! I am more loyal to my family, but I am good for advice. Must be the age, lol

    Sarah - absolutely!

  9. I love it. I’ve just stolen your idea and made such a post myself. It’s completely inaccurate, but who cares? It’s great fun, which is all that matters.

  10. Very cool - on my way to find mine. Hope you don't mind me stealing from you also - I am having problems finding my blog voice again - hopefully it won't take long.

  11. I also like the K you posted above.

  12. Thanks Barnesm!
    No problem Joanne!
    Hi Simon! Glad you're playing along.

  13. By the divines that site is stupid! It is the antithesis of the global Datalinks.

    Mine says simply: "The coolest name in the world."