Monday, February 23, 2009

mondays always bring promise

This pic was taken two years ago, when I was forty-two. It's probably the best representation of what I look like on a regular day, including the smudged eyeliner!
In my last entry, I was asking if you ever thought back to when you were nineteen or twenty, and back then, did you imagine what you'd be like now?

I doubt that I ever did.

I probably thought that I wouldn't gain weight (which I did) or stop going out. I was the Nightclubbing Queen! But I stopped going out - thus the weight gain. On the night of my thirtieth birthday, which was celebrated at a nightclub with eleven of my youngest friends (back then, all my friends were in their early twenties) I remember posing the question, "where do forty year olds go to party?"

Looking back, it seems ridiculous, but we do have a place that the younger crowd calls the Cougar Club. Filled with 35-50 year old women getting loaded and picking up younger men, it's a place I'll gladly stay away from, unless Bill takes me. Dancing and flirting with Bill is a lot of fun.

At any rate, I am pretty happy with who I am today. I have few regrets, other than those in the financial arena that may keep me from getting into the banking industry. I think the last two years have played havoc with my credit rating, but I am not afraid of hard work, or working my way up. That's the thing aboout being tenacious - just about anything is possible, if you're willing to give it time.

Today Bill is taking me down to the office, then using my truck to drop off resumes at several locations. I have to print off resumes for another local bank that uses a central teller. Apparently, those are the only kind of bank that hires someone with a credit rating like mine!


  1. I, too, never thought ahead at that age. How things change. maggs

  2. good luck with the job hunt, Kate

  3. We never know where life will take us. It sure has been full of the unexpected for me. Not all of it bad, but a lot of good too.

  4. life is a mystery-when I was 20 years old I was in dreamland-I am ok at being 56 years old-with time comes wisdom-plus I will live forever in glory with the Lord, the saints and the elect angels-peace

  5. Don't worry, Kate. I have good vibes for you and Bill. You're going to be fine. Besides, sometimes it's not what you know, but who you know. :) You and Bill just keep on keepin' on.

    Love the picture in this post. It's very real and sincere. You look terrific. You have lovely hair too. Thanks for sharing it.

    Hang tough, my friend, but smile and stay cool.

  6. You look much younger than your age. I've always envied your thick beautiful hair.

  7. The myth that life is anything but a continuum finally left my psyche by the time I was 30 or so. Externally I had more trappings of the older more settled person in my late 20's than I do now. Life is life. Age is part of it but those boundaries are artificial.

  8. Hey don't knock it, the cougar bars in Park City have some of the best atmosphere around. Young people just can't appreciate it.

  9. I used be quite the "club bunny" in my twenties and early thirties. It was fun then and every once in a while I'll go out with the girls or my now with the high prices for cover and drinks, I'd rather stay home...LOL! I guess I'm showing my age now!

  10. Good luck:) Any work place would be lucky to have you and I would hire you at first glance.You are very beautiful and always look so classy and professional.Plus knowing what I have learned about you online through the years your just an amazing woman:)

  11. Noc - I guess that's true!
    Linda - I miss those days too. (here, the drinks are $5.50 + tip)
    Cin - thanks!