Wednesday, February 4, 2009

mother hubbard

This time of year has always been difficult for me, at least for the last ten or eleven years. Before Dale died, it was because my birthday and his birthday brought unrealistic expectations, considering he was a chronic alcoholic. At least now, those don't bother me nearly as much.

Since Bill moved here and we got custody of Em, this time of year has been awful simply because we're trying to catch up on various financial obligations after getting through Christmas, like everyone else. The first few years it was tough because Bill was doing his eavestroughing business (and his clients weren't paying on time) and the last few because I'm doing the life insurance gig, and my commission level is in the shitter.

I've already decided that I should be searching for other work while I'm doing this, because I really am tired of being poor. Even with poor being subjective, we're talking about taking an ordinary lifestyle and shaving $2,000 per month in expenses. That means no clothes, no movies, no dining out, no haircuts. Hell, I'm about ready to pull the satellite because I need the cell phone and I can't cut anything else out of the food bill. I'm hoping that Jamie will find something soon, and that'll help too.

I'm sure that it will all work out, but I can't wait for spring! That's when all my utilities drop - the power bill and the gas bill go down, and my city taxes will go down. Just the other day I got my assessment, and the house has dropped in value from $320,000 to $272,000, so hopefully that saves me $500 in annual taxes.

Oh, and don't you always crave expensive coffee drinks when you're broke?!


  1. Housing values here have dropped as well. Interestingly -- the taxes on our home went up. {Explain THAT one to me!} We're going to fight it . . . tell the City to exercise some common sense for crying out loud.

    Do something nice for yourself today (e.g., allow yourself time to read a fun book, soak in a hot bath, spend leisure time at the public library or check out a movie from there to watch it for FREE).


  2. You know I have been slowing down on everything as well. I estimate my income and benefits will drop by 25% this year if I'm lucky.

    I am fortunate in that it is still enough but it has me pulling in my horns completely.

    I'm not buying anything. I am looking for ways to improve my cashflow and cut my outgoing expenses as well.

    Be creative. I just view it as a game and try to play the cheap game well. You can still watch movies and you can still listen to music for nothing if you navigate well on your computer.

    I have opened up a rainy day pocket money account and have started to put money toward that in dribs and drabs.

    Something to do. Cheap can be fun if you play it like a game.

    Since you have an insurance license why don't you go out on your own and do it part time as a non captive agent?

  3. It can look bleak sometimes, focus on one thing at a time (even though it seems your being attacked from every angle).

    FACT: you will survive and get through it
    FACT: your not alone

    Do all you can to save money and keep smiling regardless ;)

  4. I keep cutting my costs, but with my hours at work getting cut and NO ONE around here hiring, its tough. Like I cut costs every single place I can until I no longer can, and the ends still hardly meet. Its so frustrating and annoying.

  5. I'm staying in a job I have grown to hate because I can't afford to quit.... and there are no other jobs available for me, especially at MY age! :-(

  6. i hear ya.. i'm trying like hell to get caught up and pay some things off, but every time I turn around.. bam. something else. and now we're getting furloughed at work for a short while.. sigh.

  7. Agreed, though I tend to crave expensive coffee drinks when I am poor, cashed up or just rolling in money.

  8. Never had a craving for any expensive coffee drink, ever, probably because I'm a skinflint at heart :-)

  9. I am doing fine with money. Yet I do feel the need to cut back on some stuff that I don't need. Why do I think I need some of this stuff?

  10. Hey BecomingKate ~ Thanks for the comment you left in my blog about city bat houses. Do you have an email address for your city for me to gather more information? Seriously ... I'd love to get the City of Kent, WA (where I live) to do the same. Maybe if your town has some sort of documentation as to the effectiveness of such I can launch that idea more effectively.

    My email address is or you know how to contact me on FaceBook (my phone number is 253.561.3444.

  11. I think it is a sign of the times that we are all feeling a need to work at looking closer at money....I think that can be a good thing. The interesting thing to me is that it seems easier to work of with everyone I know doing the same and maybe even more so!

  12. I tend to crave expensive smoothies but sometimes coffee drinks do make their way in and I just have to say NO you don't need the achy shaky feeling of caffeine woman!

  13. Bobby - non-captive agent sounds good. I have already applied at two banks, and I'll look around for some other opps.

    Barnesm - me too. I love a good mochaccino.

    ST - I'll try to remember to look into it.

    Tuesday - I never have a reaction to caffeine. I can drink a coffee at 11 pm and fall asleep immediately after.

    Thanks everyone! Looks like we're all adjusting. It's been two years for me and that is long enough.