Monday, February 9, 2009

a good lead

photo by Graham Owen

I got a lead on some openings at a local financial institution on Saturday. This is what I love about retail - the networking is amazing! Maybe not for insurance purposes, but for everything else. If you're good at providing one-on-one service and you're friendly and helpful, people will want to help you. At any rate, I have the name of the woman who's doing the hiring, and the name of a supervisor at the same institution who said, "tell her I sent you."

I hope this is a good one! By next year I'd like to have enough experience in this industry that I can make a transition to mortgage brokering - that is, unless I can find a company to sponsor me this year. Either way, I'll be happy as long as I start bringing in a regular paycheque.

Have a good Monday ~


  1. it sounds very promising... good luck!!

  2. Hmmm,

    Sounds wonderful. Mortgage business can be very lucrative.


  3. Hey, good luck, Kate. It's nice going to work and smell that new money smell :-)

  4. Best of luck Kate!! YOu can do it!!

  5. Both sectors are practically dying, on life support in intensive care right now, so good luck. You must be very good to find jobs there now.