Sunday, May 17, 2009

an old tradition

After leaving the park, and before touring the Calgary Tower, we took the girls to a Vietnamese restaurant for a noodle bowl. Originally, we'd wanted a Chinese place but the one Bill used to know is gone.

Still, the food was very good, and it gave the girls a chance to practice using chopsticks!

Back when Dale was alive, it was a given that anyone who sat down with us to eat Asian food would learn to use chopsticks - Japanese, Chinese or Vietnamese food all required them.

He use to tell Jamie's friends that they could only eat if they agreed to try, there would be no forks for these meals. Years later at his funeral, the chopstick story was told by her friends. We have kept that tradition alive, and Em has been pretty good at them since she moved here.

Yesterday, D.J. learned to use them with soup - that took guts, lol!


  1. Tried chop sticks when I ate in Hong Kong, it took me ages to eat a meal and now I'm quite good at using them.

  2. I'm still a chopsticks "virgin". I'm afraid that I would have my lunch on my lap if I tried to use them. Someday I will.

  3. For novices it slows down the eating process.. memories you brought back. Thanks. The girls are growing up. They grow too fast, don't they? Maggs

  4. I think I'll stick to knives and forks, even though I own a pair of real nice chopsticks

  5. I rarely eat any oriental food. Just lucky I guess :-)

  6. Chopsticks rule! Love them. Makes dinner time interesting.

  7. I adore chopsticks!! I remember being the "white" chick in the food court who was eating chinese with chopsticks while the Asian kids chose forks... That was just interesting. It's a prerequisite with me too; all my friends have to at least try.

    Em's sure got a lot of personality!

  8. LOL @ Doug. Or it maybe a case of you not knowing what you are missing.

    I could be wrong, but chop sticks make the food taste better. Probably just me thinking it is so.

    I can pick up a single grain of rice with chop sticks, which surprises the Japanese people in the wife's family.

  9. Dorrie - chopsticks add fun!
    septembermom - I hope you try them soon!
    mr-stu: I think they're good for diets, lol
    Maggie - it is freaking me out. It seemed Jamie's transformation was slower....
    Alianna - good for you. It's fun.
    Fitz - I think the food DOES taste better!