Wednesday, May 27, 2009

may flowers

photographer unknown

It's been very busy these last few weeks! We've been taking care of the house and the yard, which has included lots of trips to the garden center, Wal-mart and Home Depot. And, even though many of you have had your shrubs and plants up for weeks, we're just starting to see life come from ours (that snow storm slowed everything up!)

The most tiring thing I've done this week was yesterday - we hired a furnace & duct cleaning company, and his huge noisy truck sat in front of the house for three hours. Every hot and cold vent was done, so I spent most of the day re-arranging furniture, sweeping and cleaning. I made a pot roast while he was here, so that we could have hot beef sandwiches when Bill got home, and after that we had to buy furnace filters, and get Em a pair of black pants for band tonight.

In between everything, I am still watching Six Feet Under - I think I'm on Season Four, Episode three. I'm pretty sure I won't watch any regular TV until it's finished. I'm also getting some paperwork done on the insurance side, and picking up a few extra shifts at the clothing store.

Well, I am off to drive Em to her Track Meet. She's competing in javelin, long jump and high jump. I'm sure she'll be great!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Good luck to Em! I'm gonna sit here and jump from site to site :-)

  2. Em will do great!!!

    Sounds like busy times -- my girlfriend's daughter runs a nursery in Airdrie (sp?) and she is having a heyday with all the people that planted before the storm and now need to rebuy. I am holding off until we get back to do my planting I just hope there is some pretty plants left.

  3. Hope Em has fun too! Sure she'll do well.

    You have been busy. Glad that you get to watch your favorite show once in a while :)

  4. Thanks for the headsup! WE do the ducts next week.

  5. Sounds like a good week, hope Em had a great day.
    Hope you keep having them too.

  6. Tagging you for a meme :)

  7. How great is Six Feet Under? I really, really miss that show...

  8. You are a busier woman than I! Hope the track meet went well!

  9. Everything sounds great! I miss you:) *hugs*