Friday, May 22, 2009

getting back on the horse

I did my first sales meeting in a month last night, and it turned out pretty well. We updated some things on their life insurance, and they purchased a critical illness policy, which would have been a HUGE sale had I still been at a good commission level! At least I was able to meet their new baby, and the mom is now selling candles, so I ordered some from her.

Today I have to go down to the office to drop off the saliva sample, and I'll be dropping Jamie off at the bus depot so that she can visit one of her old friends, who has moved to Edmonton. I also have to make payments on the power bill and on the cell phone bill, so it'll be a bunch of running around for me.

Have a nice Friday!


  1. I hope you are not suggesting that you sell insurance only to make money; I have heard that Critical Illness insurance is actually a poor investment. Care to comment?

  2. Critical illness insurance is not an investment.
    Anyway, glad you are back on your horse again. So am I.

  3. Tenon-saw - LOL!! You must be a new reader.
    I am a widow whose husband did not have life insurance when he died, and therefore I have struggled for six years. The reason I sell life insurance is to help people.
    I am not making any money at this point, and have been thinking about leaving the business.
    I do love it though - I think I have helped a lot that otherwise wouldn't have thought to get it.
    Critical illness is a product to help people overcome the financial burden of a heart attack, or paralysis, or any of the covered illnesses. It also has a savings aspect if you buy the return of premium, but we do NOT consider it an investment product.

    Burst - thank you, I appreciate it. It's been tough trying to get back to helping people, mostly because of the dicks out there.

  4. Kate -- I have been meaning to send you a link about insurance. Not sure if you ever watch Til Debt Do Us Part -- Gail is amazing and wise. I remember watching her preach to a young couple that now is the time to get life insurance - she really believes in covering your butt!!! Attached is the link to her blog and what she says about insurance -- you are doing a GREAT thing!!!!

  5. So nice to meet you. Welcome to my blog. Things here look pretty interesting.

  6. You are the captain of your ship and you choose to do wht YOU must and should to keep the boat afloat and feel you are helping. I support you. Maggs

  7. Kate, I've been "dropped out" for a while. But what I am wondering is, did I make you mad, or some such? Hope not.

    Hope this is you and yours best Friday ever.

  8. Joanne - I DO watch that show, and really like it. I learn from her all the time. Thanks for the link!

    Thanks for stopping by Lori!

    Maggie - thank you. It always amazes me when people make moral judgements about my job. No one said A WORD when I was a retail manager. No one said "I hope you are not suggesting that you sell jeans only to make money" or "I hope you are not suggesting that you sell panties only to make money"
    Emily has a job delivering papers, no says "I hope you are not suggesting that you deliver papers only to make money" to her. People who say stuff like that make me so frusrated!
    I appreciate your comment Maggie, thank you.

    JJ - geez no! I was wondering when you were gonna post again. Why would I be mad? Hope you have a good Friday too.

  9. Sincere apologies for being insensitive by the way I phrased my post and for not having grapsed your situation by reading your profile. There was a point I was trying to make but not at your expense. I'll drop you an email later maybe.