Friday, May 22, 2009

my life was changed forever

Halloween 2006

Today is the fifth anniversary of the day I met Bill!

I'd come across his profile on Hot or Not a few days before, clicked on the little "Meet Me" button and the rest is history.

We've fit a LOT into five years!

The first year, he was away working and we were in a LDR.

The second year, he came back but moved to Calgary and we drove back and forth every weekend.

The third year, he moved in and we got custody of Em.

The fourth year, we got married.

In the fifth year, I struggled with my health and my sanity and my business really suffered! But he was so awesome through all of it - he never said a word, even when when we couldn't pay our bills.

Here's the kicker - I forgot! The first thing he said when he returned from work was "happy anniversary", and I thought, "of what?" LOL. What a good guy!


  1. Happy Anniversary, Kate! That's a fetching outfit.

    You look hot, too. ;-)

  2. you forgot your anniversary? for shame!

    congrats you two :)

  3. Me and mine are the same, all the important dates are remembered. Congrats on yours.

  4. congrats! you guys were just meant to be...

  5. Congrats! Sounds like you two were made for one another

  6. Heck, I was looking for the whips and chains in that photo!
    Cool story and congrats!

  7. Congrats! You make a great couple:) Love the photo too!

  8. major congrats!!

  9. Aww what a story, congrats!

  10. Wouldn't want to mess with you two lol

  11. I remember so much of this journey. I'm so happy for you both. :)

  12. I was a warrior and he was the guy that cuts off heads, lol.