Thursday, May 28, 2009


photographer unknown

Yesterday as I was driving through the neighbourhood, I noticed a group of teenagers hanging out on the front lawn of someone's home. By the time I'd driven by, a girl in bermuda shorts had successfully leaped onto a boys back, and the two of them laughed as they stumbled across the yard and tried to keep their balance.

It was the first time in my life that I'd been truly envious of youth. I have been both wistful and resigned, but I don't recall feeling envious before. If I had, I might have thrown on a great pair of jeans, some killer heels, and gone dancing, but that was five years ago.

Yesterday, I drove on to Wal-mart to pick up the spiky bedding plants I needed. This morning as I was showering, I remembered what it felt like to be seventeen - the flawless skin, the big bright eyes, breasts that look awesome with or without a bra.

It's not that I want to relive my youth. In fact, you couldn't make me, if that meant I'd have to make all the same mistakes. However, there would be a moment where I wouldn't think of it that way. There'd be a moment where I considered how I am at forty-four, with aching muscles and frozen joints and I'd remember all those summers I worked at the lake. Back then, my body was so much stronger and pain didn't play into the day at all.

I wouldn't go back, but today I wish someone had taken video of me back then, just so that my kids could see what I was like.

I was something else.


  1. Your right their is no going back so we have to enjoy life everyday and try not to be to glum as life is to short for that. We take lots of pictures of the kids so that they can look back and see what was happening in their childhood.

  2. yeah, me too...where are those pictures?? I need proof...

  3. Part of me is still seventeen, always will be. I guess that is why I don't miss it that much, like you.
    The important thing to me is I remember what it was like to be that age and always take that into account with my kids.

  4. You still ARE something else. Take some ibuprofen (you'll feel young again).

  5. I agree with SunTiger, you're still spectacular.

    As George Bernard Shaw said "Youth is wasted on the young", they don't even realise how fabulous it is being young and strong. We all take it for granted and then it's gone.

  6. Just not 'that' sort of video!

  7. If I lost the ten pounds I have put on since I quit smoking, I'd be in better shape that I was at seventeen, just more wrinkled :-) Everything is a bit slower to move, but I was never athletic, anyway.

  8. I think you are lovely now. Just keep moving too keep everything from frezzing up. That is what I have found I have to do. In a week or more I will be 64. My only regret is not spending more time having sex with Jim. LOL

  9. Since I am 53, 44 sounds pretty darn young!

  10. I have no desire to be seventeen again. But, I agree, I do wish my kids could see a bit more spry me than they do. Also, I agree with Joan, I'd take 44 again, in a beat.

  11. That was then and this is now... you are a beautiful woman with experience and a childlike mind. You are youth... Only this time it's from the inside and for real.
    I'm 46 and getting smarter at being young every day and though I have different challenges now, they are much better than the ones of chronological youth.

  12. Thank goodness those moments of envy don't stick around for long!

    Thanks everybody!

  13. I couldn’t have put it better myself. Growing old isn’t much fun, as old age has little to recommend it… but when you’re faced with the prospect of actually reliving your youth, that doesn’t sound so appealing either.

    Then you see, or in my case read of, some teenagers enjoying themselves, and there is just that pang of envy.

  14. I so hear you, girl!

    But there's always a compensating factor- we grow wiser, more dignified, more in control of certain things that folly of youth will not..


  15. I agree with those who say, "your something else" now.

  16. Just like in the movie The Banger Sisters, our kids have no idea who we were. Our bodies age but we are still the same people just with more experiences and different attitudes and more responsibilities.
    I am still the same person who rocked out to Black Sabbath while my friends listened to the Beach Boys. The same person who skipped school and drank underage. I am also the person who has grown so much and learned so much in life. I am actually much happier at this place in my life than I was back then.
    Oh yeah, crappy way they are treating your husband. Success is the best revenge.

  17. Simon - thank you. I'm glad you know what I mean!

    Fitz - thanks!

    Silver - that is so true!

    Lori - I am much happier as well. Thanks!