Saturday, May 2, 2009

I have love and gratitude

photo by Alison Lane

You wouldn't think that someone without a full time job could be so busy, but it feels like I haven't stopped.

Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time on the phone with my ISP, who had been over-charging me for Internet Security for, seemingly, two years. The first Customer Service agent found the mistake, connected me to the second, who offered to credit me for three months.

"But haven't you taken unauthorized funds for two years?" I asked.

"Well, yes..."

"Then why can't you refund it all?"

"Because it's a rule."

"Telus has a rule that states you can steal money from your customers?"

"No. The rule states we can only credit three months."

"Then you'll send me a cheque for the rest?"


"Then you're stealing it."


"I know this is your job, and I don't want to have to yell at you, so if you can't pay back what your company has been stealing from me, I need to talk to someone who can."

Turns out, they have only overcharged me for ten months, but I'll be credited the entire amount, $129.50.

After that, Bill arrived home and we went out to do our volunteer delivering for Loaves and Fishes, the soup kitchen we're using to pay it forward (see a few entries prior.) We met some very nice people, and gave one of the other volunteers, Stella, a ride home.

Stella is a 50-ish woman living on her own, has diabetes, and really struggles with getting enough to eat (especially vegetables) or getting around. Let me just say that I am SO grateful to have the vehicle I have, and the house I have, and please, please, please God, I don't want to be aging, alone and unable to care for myself.

I think that I will talk to some of the Advisors next week to see if any of them want to adopt Stella. Basically, she needs a bus pass ($60/month) and a gift card for a grocery store. I really feel for her.


  1. Shocking how hard it's getting for ordinary people to keep their head above water. I hope you can find some way to help her. Is she not eligible for social security of some description? What's your 'safety net' social security system like there in Alberta for someone like Stella?

  2. We spoke about it a little. She's has a disability claim going, so far she isn't on AISH (govt DI) and she uses the food bank.
    She's one of those that falls through the cracks. Wonder if she has an advocate?
    I'm seeing her next Friday.

  3. I agree - she needs an advocate. I like the concept of paying it forward, too.

  4. Stella definitely could use help. She is lucky that someone like you is trying to find a way to make her life a bit better. An advocate would be a good solution. Good luck and keep us posted.

  5. I'm SO glad you fought for a refund and put it in the correct terms....stealing! I'm going to use that approach the next time I catch Sprint overcharging me for something. They say the same thing, 3 months. You did good! That was very sweet what you did for Stella. I'm thinking that your pay it forward will carry on in ways you never imagined.

  6. Thanks everyone! I keep thinking, that could be me in 10 sad!