Wednesday, January 7, 2009

you can upload bitmap images to blogspot

A few months ago I saved a lot of pics in my old computer by emailing them to my hotmail account. Unfortunately, all the jpg's became bitmap images, and I couldn't use them on journalspace.
This is a picture of Bill, taken almost three years ago now. He's wearing Em's pink and purple hat. Yanno, she wouldn't be caught dead in that hat now that she's almost twelve.


  1. I guess it's a very good thing that Bill looks so good in the hat if Em isn't going to be wearing it anymore. It wouldn't do to waste a perfectly good hat. :)

  2. haha! Too funny.

    I was actually just looking at some pics my mom posted on FB and Allie is wearing an adorable hat that never left her head for months one winter. Now that she's ten, she'd prolly burn the thing! GIRLS!

  3. I'm finding all sorts of neat tricks on Blogspot...

  4. The problem with bitmap images is, they are much heavier files than jpegs...which slows down the load time of your blog. You really shouldn't have too much of a problem converting the bitmaps over to jpeg.

  5. Jadedj - I didn't know that!
    How do you convert the images? Does Vista have a program installed that I can use, or do I have to get another?

  6. Being a graphic designer, I tend to forget that not everyone has graphic programs. Short of buying a several hundred dollar photo editing program, you can pull up the "Paint" program in Vista...the drawback to this program is, you can do only one at a time, as opposed to the heavier-duty ones which can convert 100's very quickly. So if you have the time:

    It's under Programs/Accessories/Paint

    In Paint, open the bitmap you want to convert.
    Then under file, click save as, then name it, Save as type (choose JPEG)...that's all there is to it. You will then have a jpg (for your blog) and a bitmap for printing photos.

    Hope this works for you...good luck.

  7. That's actually a cute hat! The picture itself is a keeper.

    I was going to say that same thing Jadedj said, or you could download a free program called IrFanView that will allow you to save them as jpeg as well.

  8. Thats great:) Reece is really picky about what he wears too.

  9. As MorphineKisses says, you should try IrfanView – a neat and powerful freeware program which will allow you to convert batches of files in various ways, including file types.

    It’s primarily an image viewer, but will do all sorts of handy things, and a must-have for those on a tight budget. I used it once to prepare a set of CDs of photos to autorun as slide shows for a group of computer-illiterate mates of mine, and it worked a treat – it’s a very flexible program.

    By the way, it’s best as a matter of principle to keep copies of the original image file, and make conversions from that as needed, always reverting to the original each time. Every conversion of this type results in some loss in quality.

  10. IrfanView all the way. It will do batch conversions, resizing and renaming all at the same time, it is free, and very lightweight.

    It also will not destroy your originals as long as you Save As in separate folder. I use it all the time for experimenting, and if I dont like a look, I just reopen or go to another photo. It will not nag you and ask if you want to save.