Monday, January 5, 2009

she likes it rough

For the benefit of any new readers, I thought I'd introduce Tokyo, my daughter's cat. She's three years old and she's a bit of a hussy. At first I thought she just had a thing for Bill, but apparently she exhibits the same clingy behaviour with Jamie's boyfriend Kyle, so it must be testosterone thing.
In this picture, Bill is actually tapping her, and not gently, on the back. Can you see by her claws how much she likes it? Those squinty eyes are a dead giveaway too. If Bill doesn't put her down by the time she has squinty eyes, she'll be trying to rub her scent on the back of his ears, which totally freaks him out. Sometimes it seems like she's not spayed, but she is.
Since we live in a fairly good sized city with lots of traffic, she's not permitted outside unless she's on a harness. That doesn't stop her from catching birds.
In October of 2007 she ran away and was gone for an entire month! Thankfully she'd only gone a couple of kilometers and had been living under this lady's deck. The woman caught her and called us from the info on her tag. The crazy thing was that Tokyo was only a five pound cat when she ran away, and when we picked her up the lady kept saying "she's so thin, poor thing, she's lost a lot of weight" but when we got her home and weighed her, she'd gained two pounds. Tokyo is a killer, and I bet she had a feast on birds and mice and whatever else crossed her path.


  1. Quite the huntress isn't she? I love this picture. You can really see her personality. What a sweet little killer.. lol

  2. Did you add me at blogspot? Just checking.. I hope so..

  3. That's a nice looking kitty.
    I used to love cats when I was a kid - but learned to hate them as an adult (too many reasons to go into here). I had thoughts about getting one awhile back - but I thought 4 dogs, 3 of them extremely large and a cat probably wouldn't mix too well.

  4. so your husband likes to play with..

    well he likes cats ;)

    pardon my juvenile behavior ;)

  5. hey are characters aren't hey. aggs.

  6. Oh and that glazed eye thing they get when they're ecstatic! Tokyo looks she's got that going on too. Kitty Smalls gets it when we rub her belly or tickle her under the collar.

  7. She is so cute. I was so happy for you when she came back.