Monday, January 12, 2009

back to normal

As of yesterday, our living room is back to normal.
I hate that it took so long to be complete, but between working and being sick it took forever. The only thing out of place this morning was Bill's little guitar. Speaking of which, he had another lesson yesterday, so that's got to be his fifth or sixth one.
I think he really likes his instructor. He's a seventeen year old kid whose dad, Ian, used to have a studio across from Dale's karate dojo. Ian's son was four or five back then and the day I interviewed him for teaching Bill, he recalled playing down there and being awed by all the black belts.
These days Ian's son looks a lot older than seventeen and he's gorgeous. He's pretty good at teaching and he's got all the toys! By toys, I'm referring to at least one beautiful Stratocaster, some others I can't recall, and an amp that Bill would give his left arm for (he strums with his right, lol)
Today I'm working a later shift, from 1:00 to 8:00. This entire week is set up for prospecting, and I need to get a good start. I've been averaging about five appointments per week and I'd like to shoot for ten. That means I need to make at least fourteen, to account for the ones that forget or blow me off on purpose. Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck! I would like to get lessons for Reece sometime in the next few years or so.I'd really like to learn myself too!! Had Bill ever tried any of those learn it yourself programs that come with books and dvds? I was wondering if those things were any help at all.My sister gave Reece her old electric guitar and amp for Christmas this year.

  2. He tried learning on his own for a few months, but he really needed feedback. His improvement is amazing with a teacher! And it costs about $20/week.

  3. Hope you have a good week Kate. My brother played the guitar.

  4. My Mom played the guitar when I was growing up. Loved it.

    Good Luck!

    Your pictures always look so 'real' as in real life! Good job!


  5. Learning the guitar is always worthwhile.

    Wait till he actually gets good. I have played almost every day of my life since I was 12.


  6. Jayess is back with a healthy dose of Schizophrenia.

  7. Sounds like a busy week for you. Good luck with all the appointments!

  8. good luck and im glad you feel better!

  9. It's good to have things back in order. We rearranged the living room here and it feels so much better. Hope to see you at the new Journalspace!