Wednesday, January 14, 2009

mid-week, thank goodness

Today is a little better than the last few days.
My biggest problem has been two-fold. First, I worry about my mom all the time, and I don't think that I'm being unreasonable for my husband and my children to know how important it is to me that we visit her on a regular basis. As a family.
Also, I absolutely hate it when Em goes to Bill because she knows he's a soft touch and she'll get her way on things that I will say no to. We've discussed it openly with her because she has done it four or five times in the past year and caused lots of strife. She promised to stop doing it, and Bill promised to stop indulging her when she does. However, it happened again on Sunday, which isn't a big deal to Bill or to Emily, and because it isn't a big deal to them I should just drop it.
We went to a counselor last night, which got us nowhere. So today, I'm asking Em for an apology and asking her to tell Bill what she's thinking about when she does it. I think that's the only way either of them are going to get it.

♣ ♣ ♣

Jamie has her English final today! If she passes, she can get into college so I will take any good thoughts or prayers that you have. She's a twenty year old high school drop out, and this is now the fourth year she has tried to get this done. I'll be so happy when it's finally done and she can start looking to careers she'd like to persue.

Have a good Wednesday!


  1. Sending Jamie lots of good vibes! My kids try to pull stuff like That on C and I. If he says to do something, they come to me to see if they have to. It frustrates both of us.

  2. My son and Jamie sound a lot alike. I don't know if he'll ever get it together. You are right about your Mom and needing to spend that time with her. Trust me on that one... You know already:)

    I'm sorry it didn't seem to go well with the counselor but at least you are talking about the issues right? That's better than ignoring them which is what I tend to do. I just wrote over at JS about feelings. I struggle a lot with that.

    I'm splitting my blogs, the one here will be more diet and fitness and at JS it's more personal. Good luck honey.. **hugs**

  3. Good luck to Jamie. *fingers crossed* :)


  4. Will say lots of prayers for Jamie!

  5. I wish Jamie lots of luck. I'm sure she'll do just fine with whatever career path she chooses. She's a smart girl. :)

  6. Yah, definitely good luck for Jamie! I always worry about my mother too - probably needlessly at this point since there really is nothing wrong with her ceptin' she's gettin' older and definitely slowing down.

  7. good thoughts coming your way re: jamie. i hate that you're having a hard time as a step parent. I have never been in that situation, but I totally admire anyone who does it. It's like you have all the responsibility of a parent, yet only part of the glory of it. one thing i do know is that both jamie and em are lucky to have you as their mom. em will know this one day, i feel certain.

  8. sending good vibes and prayers for Jaime..she'll do it!

  9. My fingers are so----crossed for her.I wish her all the luck and much more.

    And I feel for yeah, Kate,it isn't easy being a step mom-we both have proven that in the past wth stories...sighs...I'm at your side, girl.