Saturday, January 3, 2009

the entity

photo by Sebastien Dechamps

For the last few years, strange things have been happening in our house.
My twenty year old daughter Jamie, has felt that there are either one, or two, entities that live downstairs with her.
She says that the first time something freaky happened was late one night when she got out of bed to use the bathroom down the hall. Someone, or something, put their hand in the small of her back and gave her a shove.
Other times, she feels as though someone is cuddling up to her in the evenings - laying their head on her shoulder, resting their hand on her arm as though they're spooning her from behind. She says she always gets the feeling that this cuddly entity is female, and lonely or sad.
Now Jamie can be a bit of a drama queen, and I have always believed her, but with a little skepticism. However, when things started happening upstairs, I started paying closer attention.
There's no reason to think that our ten year old house is haunted - as far as I know, no one has died here. There's no burial ground nearby (although this was certainly a farmer's field before this and in the middle of the Prairies, where anything could have happened.)
We're not a psychic family, although I am pure Haida by birth and my husband says that since my female ancestors were Shamans, perhaps some of that came down the bloodline. It's possible I suppose, but for the most part I've always thought that any connection to the dead was brought about by Dale's death and my penchant for talking to him. Apparently when you talk to the dead, you're supposed to "surround yourself with white light", but to be honest I don't really know what that means.
What I do know, is that my dog refuses to step one inch past the corner of the kitchen cabinets, even if there's a piece of steak on the floor. It's like she hears someone saying noooo and she backs up. Just recently, I was in the bathroom doorway applying mascara when the dog hightailed it out of Em's room. I thought the kitty chased her out, but just a few seconds later she came up the stairs and together, they sat outside Em's room and watched something going on in there.
Twice in the past, I have had the water in the shower turned all the way to HOT.
The first time it happened, I thought Bill was teasing me, but he wasn't here. The second time it happened, he was still asleep, and when I asked him about it he said he'd never adjust the water temperature.
There is no way that our shower tap is loose enough to turn either way on it's own. It's too stiff.
Since Bill is Catholic, he said a few prayers around the house and I asked whatever it was to play somewhere else.
Other than something chasing Lola around, things have been quiet for a few weeks until last night.
I had taken the kids for chinese food while Bill was working. When we got home, Bill was in the shower, so I dropped my bags and went in, and stood talking to him while he washed his face and hair. Then I turned and went back into the bedroom to put some stuff away.
Later on, he told me that the water had been fine while he was washing his hair, but when he turned to rinse it out it went freezing cold. He looked down and noticed that the taps had been turned completely to the right, so he moved it to the farther left and turned around. The water went cold again, he looked down and saw the taps on the right, thought Kate? He even yanked back the shower curtain, but the bathroom was empty. He said a quick prayer, rinsed his hair and got out of there.
Until this point, all these spooky incidents have happened to others, but now that it has happened to him, I doubt he can deny it any longer. I'm pretty much open to any and all advice!


  1. Spooky. I have never had a supernatural experience. My mom died in her sleep and the next night I slept in her bed. I hoped upon all hope that I would feel her. I can't say for sure that I did ...but I did have the best sleep that night for as long as I can remember. All through the night and I NEVER sleep through the night. Hope your ghost is friendly and just being a little rascal.

  2. That is spooky. I was raised Catholic and my paternal grandmother was 100% Yaqui. I have experienced all sorts of spiritual presences..some pleasant and others not. Many of them were in the house we grew up in. My sister had several entity experiences for several years...similar to Jaime and most were not pleasant as if she were being violated. From what I've been told and get rid of "them" is like taking your home back.

    Okay, I hope I don't sounds weird here...Like you mentioned telling them to play somewhere else...say it more forcefully as in "You must leave/ You are not welcome here". You may have to do this many times when you feel their presence. We also "cleanse" the house by burning sage a few times year and saying prayers. It works. "It" stopped coming to my sister.

    For some reason, these lost spirits need firm direction. They get comfortable in one place and may even get attached to the people in the house. Let me know if you need more info.

  3. Erk! I have a friend who had a similar ghostly experience. That would totally freak me out!

  4. I have had dogs that are sensitive to - that which you can't see. I would definitely clue in on what the dog is sensing.
    I have gone alone and with groups of people in, well I'll just call it "cleansing" a house. If entities are in your house, you have to find the source - what let them in, why they came there. Doesn't have to be because someone died, could be a lot of different things including your own belief/belief system. The worst problem I had when I was on the mission field were dark clouds floating into my bedroom. My dog would wake me up - the cloud was visible to the human eye, but it was the feeling and the senses that were alarmed and rather shocked.

  5. I've had encounters with entities since I was a small child. For the most part they were pretty benign, but some of them were more than just unpleasant.
    What Linda said about telling them to leave is exactly what we've had to do. For whatever reason, they seem bound by certain rules they have to follow. When you tell them to leave you need to say it firmly, but without any anger. If you are angry when you say it they can draw from the negative energy.
    The surrounding yourself with white light you mentioned is actually simple but really useful and effective. All you need to do is picture yourself surrounded and filled with a pure white light. It forms kind of a shield against negative energy, kind of like a rain coat keeps you dry. You can actually surround anything with white light the same way you can with yourself, even other people. Adding silver colour will reinforce the protection.
    You can actually use other colours of light, each one has a different focus. White is general positive energy, pink is love, green is healing, those are the most common.
    A bit of caution though, darker colours can sometimes have a negative effect. Some much more than others. Red is one to stay away from, it is negative angry energy and will attract more negative. Black is completely negative and you never want to use it, the effects are never good.
    If your tell the entities that you don't want them there and use lighting regularly you should notice a change.

  6. Well, I would have to move. Other than that I have no other ideas.

  7. That's weird. Try making "it" a deal. It can live in the house IF "it" agrees to do a few chores: take "it's" turn mowing the yard or shoveling snow for example. You gotta be firm on the concept of "no free ride". :)


  8. I have heard the "firm" rationale before. That would be my first step. I am curious why your water was hot and Bill's was cold. Wonder if there is any reason for that.

  9. I'm with the "must be firm' crowd. Have always had issues with the occult, too- Grandparent was very involved...anyway, firmness with calmness usually works. Masy take a few tries.

    Good luck! Gina

  10. I saw my mother after she passed away, but only for a moment and she was gone. I like light colors. Dark colors bother me for some reason.

  11. Sadly I have no advice for you.. I went through a similar experience at my old roommates house, with some sort of entity that would bother me and the dog, but never my roommate. The entity would touch me and I felt things similar to what you described.

    I tried EVERYTHING. Every little hippy dippy suggestion that people said to try, I did.. And things just got worse. Eh..

  12. This is serious.You may want to have a priest to bless the house.

  13. I liked Scott's answer. :) Seriously though, that would scare me to bits. If you are going to ask it to leave be sure to do it in the name of the Lord. That is what I would do. I have never had any experiences like that and never want to. Hope you get it figured out. (((hugs)))

  14. the morning following my dad's funeral, i smelled a burning candle. according to filipino folklore, it was his way of announcing his presence.

    i've read some books that say when we die we remain as we are as in life. some people who've gone to other side even need some time to realize that they've died. the entities inhabiting your house may fall under this category.

    i don't know, but perhaps you can talk to them in a nice way?

  15. I have no idea what's going on, but my mom would sometimes feel things touching her. I have never experienced anything like what you describe, but I believe it happens.

    Telling it to leave makes sense to me.

  16. Oh dear, remember my stories of this house? One time I posted about it and things started happening again so I'm afraid to say too much. Something funny is happening now, not to scary but I may write a little about it.
    We did have our house blessed and that's when things eased up a little. It's a long story that I'm afraid to tell until we're out of here!

  17. Our family is very sensitive, all except for my Mother for some reason. We have had tea cups come flying off the shelves as well as lots of other stuff.

    We do the salt thing, on the window sills and the bottoms of the doors. It seems to work pretty well. Nothing major or negative has happened in a while. Might be worth a shot.

    I have heard the dark color thing many times, and the less natual light you have, the worse things can be. I dunno what to tell ya. Maybe call TAPS (Ghost Hunters).

    I didn't know that you have Shaman in your bloodline! That is kinda cool.

    I hope these things subside soon. Yikes!

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