Monday, January 26, 2009

there is no later

Calgary Tower, Calgary Alberta

I really need to take more pics! I'm running out of the ones I have on this PC, lol.

Today was a loooong day. I went in early to do a paperwork blitz, and I think I got quite a bit of it done. I was seriously disappointed in myself over this past week because I'd noticed that some of my administrative tasks were not being kept up, and after a few days they lose importance because you have new tasks to take care of. It reminded me of the saying I had when I was a retail manager - there is no "later". As in, "I'll do that later." There are far too many things to get done later, and as soon as you realize it and start acting with a sense of urgency, you won't have the same problems I've been having.

Enough about me. How was your day? C'mon - spill.


  1. My day was cold, and generally unproductive.

    I dig that picture.

  2. My day was great. Work went according to plan and family arrived from overseas. It might even rain tonight and save me having to water garden in the morning. Is 11:33 pm here on Monday night so I've got to go to sleep now - early start tomorrow.

  3. i never put off till tomorrow what i could do today....i live by this!!! have a great day kate!

  4. I don't know why but when I look at pics like that, my feet immediately begin to sweat.

  5. Yikes! That's looking scarey! Don't fall! *wink*

    My Monday was busy walking to get errands done and I over did the walking! 15 blocks total. I had to rest up when I got home, as the lungs were not feeling so great!

    Then I got busy with some card making...I like to 'card stamp' designs.

  6. My day (Monday) was most productive.

  7. that advice is so true. I'm trying to tackle things as they come but sometimes they all come at once. I remember that picture!