Tuesday, January 27, 2009

tim burton's roses

I brought a centre piece home a few weekends ago, and even when they started to die, I kept them on the table because the kids thought they looked cool. I think Bill has alternately called them the devil's flowers and Tim Burton's roses because they have turned so black, yet retained their shape. I'm not sure if I'll throw them away or keep them for some other purpose.
Yesterday I started thinking about changing jobs again, because I'm so tired of being poor. Not that I'll give up right away - I've been working some long hours and I'll continue to do so. But I haven't made enough money for almost a year, and my family and I have given up a lot. Some months, I can't afford to get a haircut, let alone a pair of shoes, and the debt I've been piling up has been scary.
If I took a banking position, it might only pay about $50,000 but that would still be more than double what I'm making now. The problem is, would I use some of those funds to replace my retirement savings? That is the whole reason I took this job, because I had to spend my RRSP's when Dale passed away. If I could save $1000 /month, it might be okay, but that's pretty high considering debt repayment.
Maybe I'll just keep looking until something right comes along. I'm going to hate giving up this autonomy! I love making my own schedules and not answering to anyone. If only...


  1. Business is very tough across the board...I am having issues I have never seen before.

    I absolutely feel your pain.


  2. it's always a difficult decision... I would love to guit my job, but it pays too much to get rid of it!
    But sometimes being on a set schedule also has it's advantages.
    Good luck with your decision making!

  3. I am with Bobby...

    The retirement thing is a big deal, though.

  4. Money has been tight here and my writing isn't paying a penny presently (maybe that'll change someday) but I hear ya. I love being my own boss, I'm good at it. Hope you find what you need.

  5. i have some tim burton flowers on my desk right now.. i think they look cool.

  6. That really is a hard decision Kate. I don't know what I'd do. I don't wish I hadn't left my job when I did, the payday loan industry is going under here. But I wish I had the benefits. It's been worth it to have such an open schedule. But how much is your schedule really open anyway? Seems to me you're working a lot already. I don't know. Good luck honey..

  7. i've done that with roses before. they look so ... i don't know, antique or something when they dry out and turn dark like that. the only drawback is that they eventually collect dust and make me cough. but why not enjoy flowers as long as you can, even if they aren't like they were when you got them. there is a different kind of beauty in your tim burton roses.

  8. Wow, you get shoes AND haircuts monthly? See, to me that seems like a luxury. I might get shoes once or twice a year - same with haircuts! Perhaps you are in better shape than you thought :) Keep plugging away but by all means make sure you are doing something you love, too.

  9. I'm lucky I had my first hubby's retirment to fall back on...nice cushion!

    I was short 3 quarters from my own claim amount.

    Cutting back on things that are not absolutely neccessary is always good,

    if we can put that money into a savings that otherwise would have been spent.

    Good luck with your decisions. :)

  10. Unfortunately, there's almost always a trade-off. Money or freedom, so hard to choose....