Friday, January 16, 2009

needs more cowbell

swiped from the lube faerie

25 Random Things

  1. My birth name was Kathleen Lorene Wells, but my adoptive mom renamed me Katherine Frances
  2. My heritage is 100% Haida from Northern British Colombia
  3. My older brother is also adopted, but my younger sister is a natural child
  4. In grade six, I got 100% on every spelling test that year, but the teacher didn't acknowledge it and I was mad about it.
  5. My favourite shift of all time was when I was working in a pizza place alongside a night club in Edmonton - 8pm to 5 am. We'd get the bar crowd at 1 am and go for breakfast at 6am.
  6. My love for shoes began in middle school with a collection of high topped sneakers
  7. By the age of eighteen I'd developed a thing for knee high, high heeled boots.
  8. My dad had money but after my mom left him he refused to pay child support and we grew up poor
  9. I have a scar on my ankle that I got climbing cliffs when I was little
  10. I envy people when they remodel their houses because I have such big plans for this place (all on hold until my business takes off)
  11. I am usually attracted to men of Scottish/Irish descent
  12. I make an effort to be kind, but rude and dismissive clerks or cashiers will make my snotty tone come out.
  13. I was a waitress and bartender for fifteen years
  14. I was a retail manager for nine years
  15. I have been a life insurance salesperson for nineteen months and it's the hardest job I've ever had.
  16. My 44th birthday is at the end of this month and it's freaking me out
  17. I have Obsessive Compulsive Personality disorder, which is characterized by my need to count things and follow a similar routine each day
  18. In my youth I was a Bar Star, hitting the clubs four nights a week and dancing and drinking til three or four am.
  19. I have always been afraid to have a son because my friends all said they were harder to look after as toddlers.
  20. My favourite red wine is a shiraz.
  21. I'm afraid to cut my long hair because I have always had it.
  22. I'm constantly attracted to people with addiction issues but wish I weren't.
  23. I used to feel guilty that I love Bill with more passion and surety than I had with Dale
  24. I wear skirts almost every day because I feel sexier and more ladylike than I do in pants
  25. I'm afraid that my sex life will suffer as I get older.


  1. And #26 KAte is that you are loved by many people you haven't met.

    No doubt.


  2. Bobby speaks truth there! Great list~

  3. Strange....I too became enamored with knee-high high heeled boots at the age of 18.

  4. #7 + #20 + #24 = no problem with #25

  5. very interesting. i have a pre-k boy and he was very easy. i hear girls are the hard ones. i too had a shoe collection of when sad. my husband made me stop when we got married.

  6. I think we love differently with each partner. Hopefully learning from the mistakes we made in previous relationships. I can see you having guilt though. I understand about the sex too, freaks me out too. As for your birthday, you're still young!! And you are only getting better :)

  7. Put no energy into fearing that your sex life might change with age. What has not happened (but only "might be") is not something to waste time pondering about. {My job as a nurses aid, many years ago, taught me that even in the rest home where I worked: elderly people who seemed to be in the throes of death snuck into each other's hospital rooms to participate in mating rituals.}

    You're Haida? How wonderful to be able to know your roots on such a deep and rich level. Many of us (e.g., me with Norwegian, Irish and Dutch ancestry) must pick and choose from a plethora of archetype "stories" by which to fashion our lives.

  8. How very cool - thanks for sharing!!! Only one I can say I would disagree is the raising of a son - mine was and is a dream. But I just posted about that that other day.

  9. Lol, I think it's more the guys that have to worry about the sex life part.
    I always hated it, too, when teachers played favorites and only acknowledged certain people's accomplishments while seemingly ignoring everyone else's.

  10. Interesting post, thanks for sharing!

  11. Wow, I am impressed that you have the moxie to reveal this things about yourself. I certainly couldn't do it.

    I don't remember what number it was up there, but I used to think boys were more difficult ro raise also...we have two girls...the boy thing is an old wive's tale.

    What I said above nothwithstanding...this is a great post.

  12. Reece always gets 100% on all his spelling tests too and has been doing that for as far back as I can remember.These are very interesting facts.I actually thought of one for me the other day that no one knew and even I just remembered all of a sudden but now I cant remember it for the life of me!!!

  13. 25 - yeah that's me, too. I just figure the less I worry about it the less it will be likely to come to fruition.
    Perhaps I shall do this for my next journal entry.

  14. Ooh! I love these things. I used to love high-topped sneakers too.

  15. interesting life-number 25 spoke to me since I have lost my sex drive at 56 years old-but love endures forever

  16. I wish I lived somewhere where I could wear boots! Wear them and not look like an asshole, that is. Too hot here for boots. People wear them anyway...look like assholes. lol

  17. My birthday is Jan 29 - when is yours?