Saturday, April 25, 2009

there's an idea

2003 or 2004

I met with one of the managers of the insurance office yesterday. He'd said that he had a "few ideas" for me, but his idea was for me to keep my office and sell more insurance. I tried telling him that my energy levels are so low, it's hard to maintain, but for him it comes down to "will or won't".

I may not terminate my agreement this month, but I'm still looking for work.

In the meantime, I picked up a shift at the clothing store today. It kind of sucks because Bill's on call yet won't be called in (as far as we know, there is no oilfield equipment going out, nor coming in) but unlike the insurance gig, I'll be paid for any work I do.

Have a nice weekend!


  1. Kate, you sorta look like one of those Egyptian Princesses in this picture. Very regal.

    ...Walk like an Egyptian... :-)

  2. If you don't mind..what is "bill's" function? Is he in transportation...I'm familiar with being "on-call". That's why I ask

  3. Managers...makes you wonder if they ever pull their heads out of...oh wait, I am a manager.

  4. *giggles at Burst***** I am a Manager too but generally have a grasp on people's lives... I feel for you in this Kate. hang in there.. maggs

  5. Hey Anneal. Bill delivers oilfield equipment out to the field. A long trip might be 12, 14 hours. Things are pretty slow right now.