Monday, April 20, 2009

little pets

This is the type of thing I really miss about B.C. - all the little islands. I've been looking at pics all day, and can't wait until we take our next trip. We haven't taken a honeymoon yet, so I was thinking that a little B&B weekend wouldn't be a bad thing, especially with Em away at camp this summer.

If I work two part time gigs (instead of looking for any other management) it might be doable.

Emily is thinking of getting a guinea pig. Have any of you had one? Any advice?


  1. Gorgeous place for a weekend away by the looks. No idea about guinea pigs sorry.

  2. We have had hamsters but no guinea pigs. Little Islands fascinate me to no end.

    I prefer them to be further south however.

  3. I really don't like the smell of guinea pigs and other pet rodents but GP's are pretty cute!

  4. That is part of the reason I can't leave the west coast. I love our islands, mountains and forests - can't get enough.

    We had hamsters -- guinea pigs are much the same just bigger. Not sure if they are the same escape artists that hamsters are - little buggers always trying to find a way to get out. We lost ours a few times. Clean up is a bugger no matter the animal. Just make sure you don't become the main caretaker.

  5. I had one of my student's hamsters in the classroom for 3 days and they stunk. Just in 3 days, in a 1000 sq. ft room! The cage was spotless when they showed up. It helped me decide quickly that we wouldn't be having any permanent rodents in the classroom.

  6. We have 1,793 islands in an 80 km stretch from Kingston. Some are barely big rocks, but Wolfe Island is 48 sq mi.

    Guinea pigs eat more and make bigger messes than hamsters :-)

  7. We loved our guinea pigs - gentle, easy to cuddle (they will sit on your lap in a towel for HOURS), and a lot of fun. And what animal doesn't stink? We didn't have any issues with the piggies (Cat, Mouse, and Marmot) trying to escape, even when we let them outside in the backyard.

    I think I'd feel great on that island for about 6 minutes before I started feeling really uncomfortable. Much as i love visiting the ocean I'm a prairie girl - gimme big sky and wide open plains over big water any day. A tent in the middle of a wheat field = bliss.