Sunday, April 26, 2009

against the wind

photographer unknown

It snowed again last night, for several hours! Thankfully, it has melted already. I am so ready for summer, and hope I can find a decent part-time job.

I've been thinking about my personal marketability and it just stinks being a middle-aged woman in this job market. After being ignored by several District Sales Managers for several full time store manager positions, I have no choice but to wonder if my experience is at all relevent today. Just six months ago, I would have said I was, but now I don't know. At this point I'd be happy to get a good paying part time gig just to cover the basics and pay down my credit cards. In 2010, I think I'll have a lot more success.

Today we're going out to the farm so that we can visit my step-dad, Jim. He's having hip replacement surgery on Wednesday (after waiting just under TWO YEARS) and he's a little worried. I would be as well, because he is seventy years old now, and has had high blood pressure and heart issues in the last few years.

Hopefully, everything goes well because as a family, we are not prepared at all to lose anyone. We have no plans in place for Mom, who couldn't live alone on the farm because she's eighty now, and my brother works away from May to October. My sister might be able to take her, but she's kind of a bully. We could set up a place here, but there are a lot of stairs and she hasn't lived in a city for over thirty-five years.

We're all just hoping everything goes well. We'll be heading out this afternoon. Have a good Sunday (or Monday!)


  1. I will never understand why "experience" is not so important today... you'd think that would be exactly what they want! Good luck on your continued job search.

  2. it's really tough these days, but don't ever lose hope. once you lose hope, that would be the end.

    as for your dad's surgery, i think that kind of surgery is very common nowadays, so it's not as risky as other people would think. he'll do ok.