Wednesday, April 8, 2009

38 Things

Thanksgiving, 2004

About me.

1. In grade six, I got 100% on every single spelling test but was upset when the teacher didn't notice at all.

2. I went boy-crazy when I was thirteen years old.

3. My parents bought my best friend and I a case of Strawberry Angel sparkling wine when we were fifteen and let us get drunk at a family bonfire.

4. The house where we lived as children was a log home with a wood burning stove.

5. We had a black Lab named Candy who was trained to retrieve ducks.

6. In the log house, I remember laying on the green carpet with my head resting on Candy, watching Lawrence Welk on a B&W console TV.

7. In HS, my favourite jeans were Fancy Ass jeans.

8. Throughout my life I have had four Signifigant Others. Pat, from 1980-1985 John, from 1986-1990, Dale, from 1990-2002 and Bill, from 2004 to present. As you can see, I prefer being coupled. Bill is the love of my life.

9. My nails grow fast and stay long.

10. I've had the same hairstyle since I was little.

11. I love Pepsi.

12. I quit smoking May 4, 2007.

13. I have a long scar on my abdomen from when I had my gallbladder removed when Jamie was two weeks old.

14. I love gold, and I love diamonds. I have never truly liked silver or white gold.

15. I subscribed to my first fashion magazine at the age of 12.

16. My first pair of high heeled shoes was a pair of Candies stiletto slides in 1979.

17. I was never athletic, but always dated athletes.

18. I believe that I am highly intuitive.

19. I wear a size 9 shoe, unless it's a high heeled boot - then I wear a 10.

20. I have scars on my ankles from rock climbing as a kid.

21. I have arthritus starting in my left index finger.

22. I have a mole on my neck. A British soldier once said that a beauty mark was put there because otherwise, I was entirely too perfect.

23. It worked.

24. I must shave my legs every single day, or the itching drives me mad.

25. I wear contact lenses but want Lasik surgery.

26. I hate that my mouth is small and I don't smile naturally.

27. I haven't worn pantyhose since 1991.

28. My heritage is 100% aboriginal (Haida) but my parents are white.

29. Apparently, I was stolen from my birth mother and placed in foster care by the BC government. The movement has since been dubbed "The 60's Scoop"

30. My first job (other than babysitting) was working at a lake resort, in the concession.

31. I could drive when I was 12.

32. I lost my virginity when I was 14.

33. I'm worried about pain management when I'm old

34. Of the lovers I have had, four have committed suicide.

35. I'm tenacious, and usually reach my goals

36. The most money I have ever won in the lottery was $40

37. The song that Dale sends to me most is "Sweet Child of Mine" by Guns'n Roses

38. I'm looking forward to spending the next 30 years with Bill.

I was tagged by Kim. Play along if you have time.


  1. This is awesome! I had a lot of same answers, which surprised me. It was nice learning more about you, thanks for that...

  2. That's quite a list and very interesting. You write very well, Kathy. And, Bill's a very fortunate man. I'm happy you found each other.

    The world's got to have at least a few happy couples! :)

  3. I don't think I could even find five things of interest in my life nut I will give it a go over the Easter holidays, to fill some space.

  4. I love these.. I had some of those Candies slides too.. I thought they were the best thing ever lol.. Loved learning more about you. *hugs*

  5. I think this sort of thing requires someone who is at least partly interesting, and someone else to read it. That leaves me out. Enjoyed reading about you though.

    Oh, well there is one thing of minor note...I won $450 on the lottery once.

  6. I love lists like this!
    Any particular reason it's 38 things?

  7. Thanks for sharing these bits of you. Maggs

  8. This was great! I could use a distraction. I rocked my Candies too! They made you walk great! Gotta watch those silver-tongued Brits! ;-)

  9. I came by to visit after stopping by Kim's blog. Great list! I like the British soldier compliment, very nice. You have a terrific blog. I'll have to come by again:)

  10. This is interesting, thanks for sharing with us, Kate. *hugs*

  11. Wow...brave, fun, silly, awesome. I enjoyed every bit of it!

  12. "Of the lovers I have had, four have committed suicide"


  13. Lerm - I must be attracted to men that have depression.

  14. Kate I love this list. It's so honest and beautiful. I wish I was bit more honest on my blog. It's sort of always nice-nice but I have a lot of family readers. And if I wanted to be honest they would be the target:). Raffi has a song about First Nations and it mentions Haida people and when I heard it I thought...hmmm I've never met anyone that was a Haida Indian. So here you are!