Friday, April 10, 2009

I love a rainy night

I'm sitting here in the dark, watching for lightning. There has been a few big ones, followed by the deep rumble of the thunder. And rain! It's so exciting, after the long Alberta winter.

I just love this part of Spring.


  1. I can dig it! I love rainy night too. We can get some real decent thunderstorms here in spring and summer.

    Sounds like a nice way to spend a quiet night, Kathy. :)

  2. Lightening is great the best show i saw was when I was in Florida on my holidays some years back while swimming in the hotel pool!

  3. Your flowers (I think they are "crocus" ) are so pretty! re, the post below this one :)

    Also the dark and rainy street looks nice too, as I can identify after going through many long winters up in Michigan!

    It's Spring! Everything looks so fresh and new, and I love it too! For me, this particular Spring means a new beginning.....

    Happy Easter to you and your loved ones, Kate!


  4. Eddie Rabbit! I love a good thunder storm too. It's the nice part of living with all the seasons. We get to look forward to spring.
    Have a great saturday!

  5. It sure is a good way to clean out the last of the snow on friday we had the most rain since 91. Now all that white stuff is gone and the streets are cleaner.

  6. Indeed its been a long winter.You all there in Ab get such neat storms blow over.I remember traveling home from Edmonton that one time being chased by dark clouds, and rumbling thunder.The effects were of what I've seen on TV that you would find perhaps somehere in the flat of a US state.Looming cloud very low-over land.Little do we see that here.

    Hope all is well however, at your end, and Spring has its appearance soon.
    Miss you.Take care.

  7. My Dad used to get me and my brother standing at the door watching thunder storms. I always was scared. The noise and the lightening. Now I fear the lightening hitting my block of flats. I fear a lot.

  8. I grew up in Florida and love a great thunder storm. Here in Nebraska thunder storms mean possible tornadoes, so I miss being able to enjoy them the way I did as a kid in Florida.

    I read somewhere that it's the negative ions that makes one feel good in a thunderstorm. Don't know is that is true or not, but they do give me a feeling of well-being.

  9. They are the best, unless of course you forget to shut the bedroom door properly. Then you have two Old English Sheepdogs joining you. Just to make sure you aren't scared or anything.