Sunday, April 12, 2009

have a lovely Easter

photo by Hermann Uwe

Happy Easter!

It's going to be a very quiet day for us. Emily is going to stay the night with Bill's sister, who lives about an hour west of us. She moved out there about two years ago, although we don't socialize with her. I met her once, about six months before Bill and I were married, but they'd drifted apart in the last ten years with her in Newfoundland and him living out here. I find it ironic that she ended up so close, but it's nice that Em can go stay with her - especially since they all have such heavy Newfoundland accents! I bet Em really misses that.

Last night I was having a hell of a time understanding what Bill was saying. When that happens, I usually ask if he's been speaking to family, because his accent gets really thick. Or as he would say, tick. The phrase I asked him to repeat was "I hadda bat." I kept thinking, "bat? What bat?" but what he meant was, he'd had a bath. Oooohhhhhh! To be honest, I think that the way he speaks is sexy.

Occasionally, he imitates my flat Albertan accent, but when he does it he uses proper English and good grammar and I end up sounding like the Queen of England, LOL.

He's working this morning, and as luck would have it, he's working near his sister's home, which is why Em is going with him. I hope he gets home by lunchtime.


  1. even in our small country of Germany, there are sooooo many different accents, it's really fun sometimes.... and quite difficult to understand.

    Happy Happy Easter, Kate!!

  2. Thanks for a wonderful celebration of our Savour Jesus who died for us.