Tuesday, April 7, 2009

spring clean

We've spent the last few days doing some spring cleaning! Not that there isn't still a foot of snow on the ground, but at least it's starting to melt in earnest.

Most of the cleaning started in the kitchen, but then we noticed someone puked on the bed (we're not placing blame, LOLA) and off we went to the laundrymat where they have huge washing machines. $8 later, and our king sized comforter was clean again. We hung it out on the balcony yesterday and brought it in to hang over my staircase last night.

This morning it's completely dry and looks great. Love that king sized bed, but man - the blankets are so heavy! I like it that Bill was around this morning to help me. He's usually gone by 7 am, but he got a call last night saying they wanted him up at Etson near midnight (daytime road bans) so he's going in later.

I haven't received any job offers yet, but we're hoping that'll be today. In the meantime, I think we're going to finish some cleaning around here. Have a good Tuesday!


  1. The difference between winners and loser is that losers quit (keep up with your job hunting efforts and you will find your new career home soon enough). I'm dancing around in circles shouting "Abracadabra" to make your new wealth come to you much sooner.

    Love your photo . . . the bed looks so inviting (makes me wanna curl up and go to sleep in it).

  2. King Size beds are great if they were shred right, but i get to sleep on a six inch strip down the side., with the wife and the cat hogging the rest!

  3. Spring Cleaning is coming in earnest where we live as well...

    We have a queen sized bed and it makes things manageable.

    Job market is awful isn't it?


  4. i'm with Suntiger. that bed does look inviting!

    We have a king sized bed too, and the sheets and comforters are heavy aren't they? Especially when wet.


  5. I do spring cleaning all throughout the year..lol..we always have too much stuff.Good luck on the job offers.I am waiting for some too.I actually got two calls today but I couldnt do the hours they were needing:(

  6. we had fantastic weather the past days and I actually got LOTS of spring cleaning started! wooohoooo

    I need to have my bedspread cleaned/wash (queen sized) and I have no idea where! *sigh*

  7. Oh my good gosh (I say that instead of swearing) I did a cleaners job to gain some extra money and loved it. I love an unmade bed

  8. Forgot to say, I love your blog for your honesty.

  9. love your page and enjoyed your blog... has anyone ever had any luck with google adsense?

  10. Just finished my spring cleaning, good luck with yours.

  11. I need to clean the windows here, although I'm sure they were just cleaned four or five years ago...

    I have a queen size bed all to myself, and I don't see that changing in the future, but the weight of bed cover and comforter keeps me snuggled and warm :-)

  12. Cleaning, the word makes me cringe. Wifey is a clean-freak. No matter what I do, it's never good enough. Ugh!!

    Oh well, at least you and Bill did your cleaning together, and without an argument.

    Love is a wonderful thing. You can even enjoy cleaning the house together. Good for you guys!

    I hate you! lol Just kidding!!! :-)

  13. Thanks ST - I appreciate any help you can give me!
    (It's very cozy!)
    Bobby - it's harder all the time.

    Mr stu - that's not a lot of room!

    Cin - hope the others are better hours.

    Sandi - I haven't tried it. I heard you could make about $5/month

    Doug - big, heavy blankets are key.

    Helen - thank you for stopping by!

    Tim - we enjoy just about everything, and consider ourselves very blessed.

  14. That bed is making me sleepy - I hope you get your good news today!