Sunday, December 21, 2008

I miss JS a lot

It seems like the entire weekend has been a bust!
I came down with a cold yesterday morning, just an hour after arriving at the clothing store for work. While I was at work, I made the mistake of asking a girl, "when are you due?"
I am working pt at a plus-size store, and I have a 12 year history of working at plus-size clothing stores, so I know better. Still, when she said she wasn't pregnant, I was incredibly embarrassed. I held it in until she left but afterward it made me cry. I just hated the thought that I had hurt her feelings. I pictured her sitting in her car, crying because someone thought she was pregnant - and it made me feel terrible.
Later, when I was telling my boss about it, I got a little verklempt and she said, "boy, you really take your job seriously!" And it's true - I do. My job is to make women feel good about how they look in the right clothes, so it was a terrible faux pas to say that.
It was -30°C when I left the store and all the way home my truck pulled to the right, making me suspicious about how much air I had in my tires, but when I got home Bill was sleeping (he'd been on call all day) and this morning my suspicions were confirmed. The front passenger's side tire is flat as a pancake, and since Bill won't be home until suppertime, we'll all be stuck at home all day. With no Journalspace... *sigh*
Okay, I'm off to find more of my favourites! I miss you all so much.


  1. Hi, Kate. I'm adding to my JS exiles list as people find their new homes :-)

  2. Hi Kate!
    Sorry to hear about today's incident. I see a woman that looks pregnant - and I keep my mouth shut. I've made that mistake before as well, and the aftermath wasn't pretty.
    A flat tire too!
    Well, still wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas!
    temporarily at:

  3. Glad to have found you here. Merry Christmas!

  4. we're gradually finding each other. it's not the same; but, we can still hang w/our faves.
    hope you had a wonderful christmas, toots! ☺ ☺