Monday, December 29, 2008


The weather isn't too cold but it sure is bleak. This is what -13°C (8°F) and partly cloudy looks like! We'll be going out after lunch, but otherwise the morning will be spent around the house drinking mocha java and catching up with all the JS refugees.
I have ideas for so many posts, but with JS down, the urge to get them done just isn't there as much as it usually is. Some of them are meme's that I know some others would do, some have to do with shoe porn (my favourite) and others are just thoughts about the past and how I'm trying to deal with it.
More than ever, this past two weeks has shown me how important JS has become. I had a huge support system there, and while I am enjoying myself here at Blogspot, I still find myself wondering every day - will anyone see these posts?
On that note, I would like to thank everyone that have been stopping by. It's been so nice to have Netmale, Scott and Kelly, Maggie, Westy, Burstmode, Roux and all the others around, to make this crash a little easier.
Now I'm off to read a few blogs and check out Westy's forum.
Happy Monday ♥


  1. And to think I was fussin' about it being 58 degrees in Dallas today. Keep writing and we'll keep reading, Kate. :)


  2. *waves hi from the very frozen north*

  3. Hi Kate :) Well, I'm here and thankyoufor stopping in at my place! Love your photo looking out your window pane.

    Yes, people do see your blog here, lol, believe it !

    I'll add you into my list here in a minute. and be back to checjk on your posts. *hugs* Judy aka Sunny from JS

  4. I have a bunch of photos to post, but they just won't get seen by many folks at Blogspot, or Wordpress or Livejournal. So I haven't been my usual post-whoring self lately.

    There's always things on my mind. Don't feel like posting those here, either.

    Have a great evening, Kate!

  5. Ugh cold and snow! How do you do it?

  6. I can't even imagine 8 degrees. Sheesh. Completely unreasonable. And my family doesn't understand why I am not keen on a January family reunion in Canada.

  7. Warm here compared to there.
    I like the photo - takes me back to the days when I lived in such places. Of course, when you live there, then it might get old after a while....
    It's crazy, but a lot of us JS'ers are having a difficult time dealing with our home - gone. Life isn't quite the same, is it?

  8. I keep finding people (but everyone is so wide spread) I haven't had the time to set up a journal myself life keeps getting in the way

  9. People will return. Perhaps to Blogspot. I am crushed about Jayess Kate.