Wednesday, December 24, 2008

lots to do yet

My feet look like Fred Flintstone feet this morning, lol. I was sitting on the chaise looking around at all that needs to be done - we need to sweep and wash the floors, Jamie has to take her birthday gifts downstairs. I already have a load of clothes in the washing machine and one in the dryer, so that takes care of the towels and my favourite jeans.

I have a few loaves of bead dough rising on the stove (I buy frozen) and when Bill gets home, I'll make him some I think it's nice to have some Newfoundland traditions around Christmas time, because he must miss some of them. After that, I'll be making some food for this evening and finishing up the wrapping.

What is everyone else doing this evening?


  1. Sounds like a lot of work!
    I'll be cleaning up the mess that everyone has left in their wake since today is our family's official Christmas party. 3 hours and counting - tick tock tick tock.....

  2. I just got home (4:30 local) from a bit of shopping and a bite & beer at the Toucan. I have sweeping and damp mopping to do, and give the bathroom a quick wipe. Chris and Emily are in town and I missed his call, but I'm sure he'll call back :-)

    Merry Christmas, Kate!

  3. I made some cookies for tomorrow and we made a run to the bookstore just to get out of the house. We are off to church in a few minutes. Have a great evening!

  4. Merry Christmas.
    Got a needed component so I can rebuild a computer to put in my niece's room in my house.The Dell that is in her room right now is going to storage.
    Sister's in the hospital,so official Christmas presents and stuff is on hold until further notice..which I don't mind.One present I do want to open is from my dad..a Nerf Vulcan battery powered dart gun *evil grin*

  5. We went to church, then out for Chinese food with friends afterward.

    I know what you're thinking: Nothing says "Christmas" like Chinese food, right? Haha! ;)


  6. hi kate. miss you! i hope you had a blessed christmas!!! xox,stacy