Tuesday, December 30, 2008

my refridgerator

First of all, it's very clean because Bill went through it yesterday, throwing out all the leftovers we weren't going to use and wiping it all down. I love it when men clean - it's very sexy!
Here's what's left:
apples and oranges - it doesn't matter to anyone else, but for Em - if it is not taken out of the plastic bag and placed in a bowl or my fruit container, it doesn't get eaten. I'm not sure if it's laziness or some kind of value placement, but she won't eat it.
eggs - we go through a lot of eggs! My favourite breakfast at the moment is a toasted egg sandwhich. Here's the recipe:
two slices multi-grain bread
one or two eggs, basted medium
one slice medium or sharp cheddar cheese
mayo and salt & pepper to taste
Butter toast lightly and add a little mayo, then add the cheese. When you put the egg on top, it should melt the cheese. Add salt and pepper and slice into four sections. It's excellent with cold skim milk.
antipasto - I like anything that can be eaten with crackers.
reubarb & strawberrry pie filling - I wanted to make popovers on Christmas Eve but time got away from me. I'll have to do that tonight or else it'll be a waste.
4 litres skim milk - our family goes through at least three litres of milk every day. It seems like I stop for milk (and Pepsi) more than anything else.
Beef Hotdogs - a staple in the fridge when I'm working a lot. Anyone can eat a hotdog on the run, or put it in mac & cheese (Jamie's favourite) or have sauerkraut on it (Bill's favourite, as well as chilli dogs)
There is Romaine lettuce and potatoes in the drawers below. Average dollar amount for a week's worth of meat, fruits, veggies and pantry goods - $200.00
I'm looking forward to seeing a drop in grocery prices next!
p.s. Why can't I keep the spaces between my paragraphs? I have tried editing this three times, and it keeps crowding everything.


  1. WELCOME TO BLOGSPOT Kate! I'm so glad for your new web design and riveting entries! {It was such a pain in the Rumplestiltskin to try visiting people back on JS when I'd have to log into my old account just to read what they had to say for the day.}

    I'm a new follower of this blog now. Yayness!

  2. I have three mini-Gouda, one small piece of cheddar, a half pound of bacon and six eggs, almost a litre of milk, and some cheap syrup and some maple syrup. I have space for real food, but I don't get to go grocery shopping often unless I borrow the truck on a work day or ask Wifey

  3. Ahh, yes, the classic egg sandwich. I like to toast plain english muffins; take an egg, open it into a coffee cup and cook it for a short period of time in the microwave (gives it the perfect shape for an english muffin); do the mayonaise thing; put the egg on one side of the muffin and cooked bacon on the other side; top both sides with cheese and then put them under the broiler in the oven until the cheese melts. OHHHH so yummy!
    You've made my HUNGRY reading this post! Off to make homemade spaghetti....

  4. the egg sandwich sounds tasty!

  5. strawberry and rhubarb remind me of these pies that my grandmother used to make, they were so good! You should post your popovers recipe. :)


  6. OK, now I am sooo hungry. I recently cleaned out or frig too. I'm the only one that does it at my house. Maybe it's a guy's job.

    Your post has me thinking about a new blog that I may start, I want to call it Foodie Fitzgerald. It's going to be just about food. What do you think?

  7. We keep a well stocked fridge, too. I'm surprised I don't weight 200 pounds. Oh, wait...I do. :)


  8. I have a thing about looking in other peoples fridges. They always have better things in than mine.
    Happy New Year Kate.

  9. hi this is darkcloud or Jonny-you can read my blog in LiveJournal "crookedfingers" if you care to-will read you here-peace Jonny

  10. Wow. after trying fifty different times your journal finally let me comment. I have been reading here since you moved. Looks like JS is no longer so I guess I need to find myself a new home. I will try to keep in touch. Have a great new year.

  11. I have been thinking the past year, to put my fridge stuff in a picture on a blog.

    I think it's neat to do this. Yup, good ole eggs sandwiches, economical and yummy too!

    Which reminds me: I have sweet cherries to get cleaned and put in a zippy bag.

    I munch on these at night, instead of chips (most of the time)

  12. Prettyvacant - Hi Kate, maybe I should take a picture of the fridge before the New Years party, while the kitchen and house are in one piece.

  13. my fridge is pretty empty right now... can't leave stuff in there for the next two weeks while I'm Stateside... it might come alive! LOL

    I'm finally following you here, Kate!!

  14. So I guess I have not lost you after all. My fridge is not so full now. I cleaned it the other day.

  15. Am glad i found you . I should hire your hubby to do my fridge!

  16. Wow, how long do you guys let it go before you clean it out? Yikes! LOL!!!
    If you like making those "egg sandwiches", then you MUST try putting a whole egg into a coffee cup and micro-nuking it! You know what that egg stuff looks like on a Egg McMuffin at McDonald's?
    That's what it comes out to look like! Ummm, if you cook it too long, it explodes all over the inside of your microwave and it's going to take you a while to clean that mess out of there......

  17. Ben - usually every month, depending on what's going on. Around the holidays, a lot more often!