Wednesday, December 31, 2008

lost pics

At this point, I'm just searching through my pic files on the new computer. I hate to say how many pics I lost at journalspace - people had been telling me for years to use my account at photobucket. It was much too easy keeping them in my gallery at JS, so now they're pretty much gone.
Hopefully, I will find a few more when I go to the old comp.
What's everyone doing tonight?


  1. I hate losing pics.We are just going to stay in eat pizza and watch a movie.We will probably stay up until at least midnight though for a midnight kiss.

  2. What movie?
    I might have to buy a satellite movie tonight. Have a good one! *hugs*

  3. I just found all my dvd's and videos in the boxes in the storage closet! was going to watch one, but alas! I'm froggin' around on the computer.

    I'm sorry you lost your pictures. I have had PhotoBucket for 5 years, now.

    I just got a new computer too, and discovered a little secret door! haha, I'll have to write about that one!

    So, I'm just home alone, waiting until 2009 gets here. The 9:00 fireworks just went off 20 minutes ago.

    The big finale cones at Midnight.

    Have a great night, Kate! Happy New Year! *hugs*

  4. I wish I knew if I've saved all my pictures that were in my photos on JS. I feel like part of my life is missing. :( I guess we should have expected it at some time, it just didn't get the attention it deserved. Someone could take over and make JS what it could be, if they only will. Keeping fingers crossed!
    Happy New Year, Kate! Big hugs!

  5. Hi Betty, thanks!

    Judy - a secret door?! Looking forward to that post!

  6. I really feel for those who have lost photos and writing that is important to them.

    But to put a silver lining on it, now you get to take more pictures.

    Me I'm just hanging out online listening to some Jazz music.

  7. I found lots of my stuff by Googling and then using the cache. It is hard to remember the titles of posts but once I got one I looked on my list of notable entries and found a bunch more. I have been trying to remember some of those default titles. Good luck with that.