Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day

Here's a pic of Bill and I, taken a few years ago at a museum in Calgary. In a way, I miss those days! We were a little younger, and I had a good job as a clothing store manager, and whenever it was my turn to spend the weekend at his place, we'd go out dancing.

These days we're too tired to go dancing, and too broke! One day I'll bring in much more than I ever did before, but that takes a few years. Until then, we're both thankful that we don't need much and that we're happy spending the evenings together.

Christmas was lovely, but I have to work today so I'll write about it later. Happy Boxing Day!


  1. It just plain sucks to have to work on the holidays, but retail staff are working here, too, even though it is a stautory holiday.

    I don't think I could cut a rug now without some heavy duty scissors :-)

  2. We, too, have learned you can have plenty of fun without spending a lot of money. I think when the economy picks back up some day (?) and we have money again, we'll still live our new, simple, lifestyle. Imagine how stress free it would be?

    Hope you can make the best of the day working. :)


  3. Great photo! Lowandslow's right - we have learned to have a lot of fun on very little money - though we may be easily amused.

  4. The best part is that you share one another and money cannot buy that. Awesome photo.

  5. It's nice to have pictures of the happiest memories. I like that one.