Wednesday, December 31, 2008

sad ending

killer whale sculpture, inner harbour, Victoria BC

I think I am still in shock over the loss of journalspace! I am really going to miss it. I've been there since June of 2004, and it helped me get through a long distance relationship (an uncertain one!) with Bill. I spent a lot of lonely hours at journalspace, but I met a lot of wonderful people.
I always paid for pro-access, even when I was broke. I found it fascinating to follow the statistics, and that is something I definitely miss here. The homepage was a constant source of entertainment, but also showed how much JSers cared about one another. The games, the meme's - I hope a lot of this stuff continues amongst those of us who are starting over.
And I want to thank everyone that ever stopped by my old place. You made it a great experience.


  1. I know what you mean, this place is very isolated without a homepage where everyone can interact and see what everyone is doing and saying.

    I miss the stats too, I was coming up to 20,000 and hoped to make it by Christmas.

  2. Even though I didn't update that much lately, I am really missing JS too.
    I am still finding old JS'ers but its not that easy.

    Happy New Year

  3. Hi Kate~ Happy New Year~ I'm still getting familiar with all the new territory as well~ I started a blog here and at wordpress. We should be able to find all our friends and favorites pretty easily. (Thanks to Dorrie's.)
    Best wishes to you and your family~ And here's to new beginnings~ Cheers~


  4. yeah I miss JS as well..
    the way the site was laid out made so much sense..navigation even when the "new" interface was installed,was still quicker than most sites.
    Hopefully someone gets the source code and does something good with it.

  5. Hi Kate, me too. And I wish I would have gotten to know you in JS. But now I'll do that here.

    But was'nt the JS home page awesome!?

    *hugs* and let's look forward to 2009.

  6. Your journal was the one that got me started at JS. I cannot believe how sad this makes me.

  7. So glad I found you here are the only js'er I read but I know that there is a big community of you and hope you all find a new home.

  8. Hey Kate! Glad I found you again!Happy New Year.*hugs*

  9. It is sad to see it go - but I am glad at least some of us are staying in touch and finding out where others are

  10. Me too Kelly.
    Hi Cathy, nice to seeya. I added you!
    Tammy - Happy New Year!

  11. The sites change, but the people are still here. :)


  12. Oh, Kate, I love, Love, LOVE those shoes. Guard them with your life...what is your street address again? LOL! Happy New Year! Hugs.