Monday, December 22, 2008

Jamie is 20 today

Twenty years old!
On December 21, 1988 the Doc made me go to the hospital because my blood pressure was a little high, and the next morning they induced me. Jamie arrived at 6:19 that evening, weighing in at 6 lbs, 2 oz. I wanted to name her Madison, but since no one else liked it she went without a name for two full days before I decided on Jamie Lee.
I know she has doubts some days, but she really is the very first love of my life. I have always felt bonded to her, as though she can see into my soul. We are a lot alike, and growing more that way every day.
Happy Birthday, Honey!


  1. Happy birthday to Jamie. :) I had to have my first two induced because of my blood pressure so I know what you mean. It did make for a short delivery though. They induced me about 1 PM and both babies arrived about 6...then Jenny was an emergency C-section. Having babies is so fun!
    I hope Jamie has a great birthday. That's a darling picture of her. :)

  2. Please pass along my best birthday wishes to Jamie, and a Merry Christmas to everyone, too. :)


  3. Happy Birthday Jamie!

  4. Happy Birthday, Jamie!

    Chris was nearly induced, because Wifey was two weeks overdue and her blood pressure was going way up. She went into labour just before they were about to induce.

  5. Happy Birthday to Jamie! Twenty years old, wow. Adulthood, here we come.

  6. happy birthday to Jamie! Poor thing celebrates so close to Christmas, but at least things get all decorated!