Friday, June 26, 2009

little thieves

photo by Wally Herrala

When I was younger, I would have found the idea of a city curfew ridiculous. Now that I'm a homeowner with children, I hope that the RCMP are going to be vigilant about maintaining our city by-law, which requires anyone sixteen or younger to be inside and away from public areas by 1:00 a.m.

To be honest, it's not so much the police I want help from, it is the parents of the teenagers that are over-running our peaceful neighbourhoods at night. Teenagers that are spray painting our fences, breaking into our cars, and keying the paint.

The other night my next door neighbour heard a commotion outside, and when she went out onto her front porch she spotted a man in pajamas chasing a very large group (she claims to be up to a dozen) of older boys. That would have been the same night they went into my truck and rifled through the glove compartment, took my coffee money, and my CD's. Little bastards!

At any rate, the truck was unlocked because Bill often forgets to do so, although I'm sure he'll start now that they've gotten his Sirius radio. At the same time, I want to know if the parents of these thieves have a clue - do they think they're all hanging out at each other's homes? Do they know what damage their kids are doing, or do they care? It wouldn't surprise me to hear they don't.

This neighbourhood is about ten years old, and the one behind me is only three years old, with homes going for between $270,000 and $450,000. Most of my neighbours are homeowners, but there are a surprising number of rental homes in this area and in order to live here, you've got to work a lot. Maybe these kids aren't supervised because their parents are always at work, or asleep, or drunk.

I just wish they'd step up to the plate and keep their kids where they belong.


  1. Those kids will grow up and suffer the same things happening to them. A never ending cycle, Kate :-)

  2. Well we have mostly owned homes in our town and the kids are the same problem here. The RCMP just are not getting it done. I think there needs to be a campaign in the local papers calling these parents out on the subject of where their kids are at night. They have talked about a curfew but of the course the parents say they will hire lawyers to stop it.

  3. It's so frustrating... at least the city seems to be doing something but I agree with you... it's too bad their parents aren't more aware of what's going on with their kids.

  4. Drives me crazy that the kids are allowed to ruin property that we all work hard to maintain. We have the same here but no curfew - had to laugh 1:00am curfew -- hell I had my son home at 11:00 unless he was at someone's house and I know for a fact they didn't wander.
    Its just too bad -- I know I was lucky with my son he was into sports huge time so wandering around at night wasn't really an option - he was too darn tired after a day of riding or playing ball. I have always been a great believer in keeping kids busy - worked for us.

  5. Totally aggravating. Same problem here, groups of kids roaming the streets tagging and vandalising. Arrrgh.

  6. Kids shouldn't be given free reign to vandalize and "terrorize" a neighborhood. Something really needs to be done to corral these troublesome kids. Where are the parents?

  7. I always had a curfew for my teens. I know a lot of parent do not. Sometimes, when I am out for one of my late night drives I see a car filled with kids and I wonder if the parents know or even care where their kids are?

    In my opinion, you can only blame the kids for so much. After that, you've got to look at the parents and the level of control and discipline they have on their kids.

    It's not easy being a good parent, but if one wants to do what is right and teach these kids right from wrong one must take responsibility and quit worrying about being pals with their kids.

    To my kids, I am not a friend, I am a teacher, a judge, a father.

  8. Exactly! We do not want to be friends with our children. Thanks everybody!

  9. Glad you like the picture. The photo is from 508 Crest in Ann Arbor, MI. The big tree is unique in that it a survivor American Elm. Actually, my daughter, Marija Herrala, took the pic. It's a very safe eighborhood. Good luck!